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Crossroads Revisited (6 page)

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“Does the name Billy Schumacher mean
anything to you?”

“Son of a bitch!” Frank growled,
storming to his feet.

“Yep, the man who shot Quinn Brennan
during that bank robbery. He escaped two weeks ago from prison and word on the
street is he’s here, in Baltimore.”

Frank paced in front of the window.
“What else?”

“Since your testimony sent him to prison
for life, he’s on a mission.”


Hayworth nodded. “You do own a gun,

“A Glock.”

“Good, keep it loaded.” Hayworth handed
him a card. “If you even
he’s sniffing around, call me at this
number 24-7.”

“Right,” Frank said distractedly.
the fuck is Rand?

“If you want my advice, Rand Brennan
should return home to live with his mother until this blows over. He’s safer

“Christ, is there anything you people
don’t know?”

“Yeah, do you order eggs sunny side up
or over easy?”




Chapter Five




Rand headed for home. His heart
thundered in his chest and his cock hardened and wept again, even though he’d
jerked himself off in the bathroom twice that day. His body a mass of tension
and tightly drawn bow strings, he walked up the steps of the townhome and opened
the front door. The grandfather clock stroked seven chimes. Good, he still had
an hour before Frank arrived. He’d get into the shower and hope the hot, steamy
water would pull the tension from his body. 

He dropped his backpack onto the table
and stopped in his tracks in the hallway. He heard voices from Frank’s room, or
some type of muffled noise. The door stood ajar. He walked toward it, pushed it
open, and his heart fell to his feet.

A man knelt by the bed—a beautiful man,
shirtless. Behind him stood Frank. Rand’s eyes locked on the blond’s dove-gray
orbs before meeting Frank’s gaze. Anger bubbled up from Rand’s chest, and an
unidentifiable emotion he couldn’t name. Turbulent feelings rushed through him,
like sand slipping through his fingers. Frank’s words ran through his head like
a litany.
I’m not a babysitter. You want to fuck up in school, go ahead, but
you’ll be back living with your mother quicker than flies mate. And maybe I’ll
start looking for an honest, mature roommate.

Rand turned on his heels and stormed
from the room, waves of dizziness crashing over him. He hated Frank McGuire.
Hated him. A sick dread clawed at his guts. Visions of Frank fucking the man
stormed through his mind. The blond pseudo-model would soon be begging and
whimpering beneath McGuire’s skilled hands, not to mention the other body parts
Frank honored him with. 

He wouldn’t allow Frank to use him
again. He’d stay in his room and lock the door. The hell with Frank McGuire. He
could fuck the gray-eyed Greek God into kingdom come and he didn’t give a shit.

Rand fell onto the bed with a groan.
He’d forgotten about the plug in his ass through all the chaos of walking in on
them. Now what? Did Frank expect him to leave it in all night? He rose from bed
and double-checked the lock. Yep, locked. He looked at the clock on his
nightstand. Seven-thirty. Had the man left or was Frank working his magic on
his body? The thought made him sick to his stomach.

Long, miserable minutes later, Rand
jerked upright when someone pounded on his door. “Open the door, Rand.”

“Go to Hell.”

“Open the goddamned door, you fucking
little bastard, or I’ll break it down.”

Panic surged up Rand’s throat. Frank
never made idle threats. With every ounce of courage he could muster, he
screamed, “Fuck you!”

He bolted from bed when Frank kicked the
door in. Scrambling into a corner with his back to the wall, he waited for
Frank’s next move.

His voice level and low, Frank said, “We
don’t lock doors in this house, unless they’re outside doors.”

Rand looked at the shattered door.
“Guess we don’t have to worry about locking that one again.”

“You’re starting to really piss me off.
No, let me correct that,” Frank said. “I am pissed off, and I’ve had it up to
here,” he brought a flat hand up to his neck, “with this immature bullshit. I
had a guest, and you barged in and made a fool out of yourself and of me.”

“Some guest,” Rand said, emotion
hitching his breath.

“When you get your head straight enough
to talk to me, I’ll be in my room, but don’t bring that emotional shit into my
space.” Frank turned to walk out of the room and stopped. “And my door will not
be locked.”

Rand waited for a minute and then sat
down on the edge of his bed. A torrent of emotions surged through him—anger,
jealousy and yes, regret. He knew he was out of control, had jumped to
conclusions without knowing why the man was in Frank’s room. Shit, what should
he do now? He owed Frank an apology, didn’t he? Or maybe Frank owed him one,
but neither would happen while he sat in his room brooding.

Rand slid from the edge of the bed,
picked his way over the broken door frame and walked toward Frank’s room.

Frank put the book he was reading down
on the nightstand, picked up his drink, and took a sip. Then he looked up at
Rand. “You got something to say?”

Rand shook his head. Whatever he planned
to say had dried up in his throat. God, the man was magnificent, sitting there
so cool and collective. Rand didn’t want to talk right now; he wanted to be in
that bed with him—more than anything he’d ever wanted in his life.

“Well, let me make it easy for you then
since you don’t want to talk.” Frank put his drink down. “You got one minute to
get those clothes off.”

Without pause, Rand unzipped his pants,
shoved them down his hips, and kicked them away. He walked to the bed, climbed
in beside Frank, and trembled from the heat emanating from the man’s eyes.

The boxers came off next and Rand held
his gaze, his heart thrumming wildly in his chest. Long moments of silence
passed. Frank seemed to struggle with his emotions, and like him, probably
warred with hurt, anger and confusion. 

“Roll over onto your stomach.”

Quivering with expectation and fear,
Rand flipped onto his stomach in seconds. Frank slipped a pillow under his hips
and secured his hands to the head rails with two of his neckties. He bound his
ankles to the foot rails with the same attire, and stretched his legs wide.
Rand closed his eyes, unable to dispel the series of thrills shivering through

Silence came to the room. Behind him,
Frank didn’t move for the longest time before reaching for another pillow and
stuffing it under his hips. Rand’s cock sprang to life. Oh, God, the shame.
Dying for release already, and the man hadn’t touched him. The restraints
tightened when he pulled against them, and he pictured Frank standing there,
looking down at his airborne ass. Capable of moving only his hips, he didn’t
dare twitch an inch. He’d never seen Frank so mad. Undercurrents hissed through
the room and a wave of hot desire pedaled through his veins, so potent he
gasped. Unbearable anxiety swept over him. What would Frank do next?

Frank’s weight bore down on the mattress
as he positioned himself behind him. “What did I tell you this morning about
immature behavior?”

“Why did you fuck that man?” A vision of
Frank pounding into the stranger surfaced, and another image of Frank’s
blue eyes staring at his naked body right now
crowded out the first.  

Frank’s voice rumbled low and deep,
shooting another tremor through him. “I don’t have to explain to you. What if I
fucked him because I wanted to, because he begged me like you’re going to beg

Rand couldn’t help the groan that came
from his mouth.

“You better save those groans. I haven’t
started yet. Just so you know, I fuck who I want when I want so you might as
well get used to it.”

“I’m glad you told me, maybe he’ll fuck
me when you’re done with him next time.”

Frank yanked his head back. “You even
think of letting someone touch you other than me, I swear it will be the
biggest mistake of your life.” He pulled hard on his hair. “Tell me you

“Ouch! Yes, yes, I heard you.”

Frank let go of his hair and resumed his
prior position. Rand gasped when he spread his butt cheeks. “You touch that
plug today?”

He shook his head. Frank wiggled the toy
around as if examining it, causing a shudder to tear through Rand’s body.

“You jerk yourself off today? Tell me
the truth or I’ll have to come around and look at your eyes. I know when you’re
lying and it won’t go good for you if you are.”

“Yes.” He said it softly.

“Frank pulled the probe half way out and
shoved it in again. “Louder, what did you say? How many times did you go into
the bathroom and pump yourself off?”

“Yes,” he said loudly. “Twice. I jerked
off two times.”

Frank’s laugh mirrored amusement. “In
that case, I want to see you come again, twice. Think you’re up to it, four
times in one day?”

“No, I never came that many times in one

“Oh, you will. On and on until there
isn’t an ounce of fluid left in that hot little body. Truth time again. How did
it feel having a plug up your insides all day, rubbing against your tight
walls, pumping in and out as you walked?”


He worked the plug in and out with
determination. “You liked it?”

“God, oh, yes.”

“You’re going to reward me tonight.
After I’m done making you come all over yourself, you’re going to suck me off
and show me how much you liked it.”

“Oh, man.” He pressed his hard on firmly
into the mattress.

Frank’s voice grew soft with arousal,
Rand recognized the tone. “For someone who locked me out of his bedroom, I’ve
never seen a man so eager.”

Rand gasped, consumed by a feeling of
bliss when Frank pulled the plug out and traced the rim of his hole with one
finger before sliding it in. His thumb applied pressure on his balls and Rand’s
pelvis jerked upward. 

Little by little, his hole stretched
with such incredible sensations, he almost bucked off the bed. The tissues
sensitive and swollen from the ass plug, the slightest touch sent rapturous
tremors rippling through his groin.

“Stay still.”

He drew a deep breath and willed his
body to cease all motion.

Two fingers went in and Rand fought to
keep his muscles relaxed, his hips immobile. “Take a deep breath while I
stretch that hole wide.”

“Oh, God, that’s enough. I’m stretched.”

“A little more.”

Another image of Frank watching him
loomed in Rand’s mind, sending his cock into a lurch.

“Contract your muscles.”

“I can’t. Oh, God, it hurts.”

“It’s going to hurt more now. When I
tell you do something, you do it the first time.”

Frank pulled out for a brief moment and
inserted three fingers. “Christ,” Rand panted. “I’m stretched to the max,

“Clench your muscles and relax them.”

Rand concentrated, contracted his
stomach muscles and willed the inside muscles near his groin to tighten.

“Again, do it again and again until I
tell you to stop.”

Rand didn’t dare disobey. Frank would
stretch him wider and wider and he’d start whimpering and begging. He clenched
his internal muscles, counted off the seconds, and relaxed them. Beyond
redemption, and no longer caring whether Frank had fucked a whole tribe of
natives, his cock spurted.

“You enjoy that? Turns you on, doesn’t

“Oh, you’re going to make me come,” he
heard his own muffled voice sob. “I’m going to explode if you don’t stop.”

“I want you to come.” Frank kept at it
with his knowledgeable fingers probing and scraping his inside walls, pushing
them in and out with deliberate strokes.

Without warning Rand’s cock jerked, the
thick cream shooting faster than an exploding star. An animalistic scream tore
from his throat, white lights exploded behind his eyelids and his body went
rigid. Frank said Rand had almost fainted once from the force of a powerful
release, and now it was happening again. Waves of dizziness crashed over him
and he lost all sense of time.  

“Three times,” Frank said. “One more to
go. Obviously, that tripped your trigger.”

Frank pulled his fingers out and Rand’s
body tensed again. What would he do next? His breaths came in short, rapid
pants and his pelvis sunk into the pillows bracing for the next assault. One
couldn’t really call it an assault, but rather analogous to fireworks exploding
in the sky on the fucking Fourth of July.

“Feel better now?”

Sweat streamed from his forehead. “Why
are you doing this? I can’t take much more. My ass is sore from that plug and
I’ve shot enough load for a week.”

BOOK: Crossroads Revisited
7.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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