Dakota Love Me: Tiller Brothers Book 2

BOOK: Dakota Love Me: Tiller Brothers Book 2
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Dakota Love Me


Tiller Brothers Book 2

Judith Lee

Published by Judith Lee, 2015

Kindle Direct Publishing

This is a work of fiction.  Similarities to real people are entirely coincidental. The real rodeo dates have been changed for the fictional story line and the fictional story characters did not really compete. Events in the rodeo scenes were fictional as well as order of events, and type of awards.

Dakota Love Me

First edition, May 2015

Copyright © 2015 Judith Lee

Written by Judith Lee

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Before you Begin:

Warning:  Due to frequent strong language and detailed scenes of a sexual nature, this book is intended for mature (21+) readers only.

If these things offend you, then this book is not for you.

However, if you like books with a strong love connection as the dominate storyline, consensual sex between a rodeo super star bull rider and a spunky barrel racer, brothers and a family who will stand behind their brother’s choices, and suspense that will keep you turning the pages, read on…

Dakota Love Me

By Judith Lee

Chapter One

Dakota was lounging in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas with his five hundred dollar Stetson cowboy hat pulled down over his closed eyes and his neck resting back against the rich leather chair.  His head was pounding and his mouth was dry.  The entire touristy noise was making him blanch. 

There should be a law that no one talks over a whisper in Vegas so early in the morning. Okay so it’s near eleven o’clock in the morning. Hell, surely other people have a hangover, too. 

Damn I had too many shots of whiskey last night

He knew he should have tempered his drinking but hell it was his big brother Cody’s wedding. 
If that isn’t a reason to celebrate than what is?
he wondered.  At least he had several days before Friday to clear his head before his first bull riding event at the National Finals Rodeo.

His younger brother Cameron was going to meet him here and they were going to get brunch at the buffet.  Surely that would calm his stomach.  Cameron was still in a meeting with his Rodeo Magazine editors.  Cody cracked his eyes open when the elevator door made a dinging sound and a dozen cowboys and ladies emerged, but no Cameron.

He was about to close his painful red eyes again when he noticed Georgia Cooper exiting the elevator with an older woman. 

Hot Damn


His heart beat sped up.  He had been looking for her at all the rodeos he had attended since Cheyenne Frontier Days and their special evening that had been cut too short by a family emergency.  He couldn’t help smiling at the memories of this feisty dark haired beauty with the deep blue eyes and long black fringed eye lashes that still haunted his dreams, not to mention her perfect body that had glistened from their love making.  Just remembering made his cock start to swell.

He was about to stand up when she stopped a few feet away and turned her back to him to look at the older woman who looked pissed off.

“I didn’t tell Dad he had to come to every event I have been in, Sharon.”

The older woman put her hands on her hips.  “Georgia, you are twenty-five years old.  You don’t need your father tagging along with you.  It’s time you moved away from the ranch anyway.  How do you expect our new marriage to work when you’re always taking all of your father’s attention?”

“It’s not like that.  My dad and I are very close.  We run the ranch together.  And I’ve been gone a lot over the last few years.  Of course we’re still going to spend time together Sharon.”

“Speaking of running the ranch, you know it’s time he taught my son how to run the ranch because he will be taking over, not you.  You are just a girl.  Your father always wanted a son.  Just because you’re a tomboy doesn’t mean you’re capable of running this ranch.”

Dakota noticed Georgia drop her shoulders and take a slight step back looking down at her feet.  He wanted to reach up and hold her and tell the bitchy step-mother to go take a hike.
God she’s vicious
.  He sat up and adjusted his hat, intent on doing just that.  Her back was still to him.

“Roy is only twelve and he has lots to learn before he can help dad run the ranch.  I’ve been training him and I like him, but Sharon he doesn’t really seem to like it.”

“How dare you talk about my son like that?  If your father spent more time with him he would be better prepared.  If he would just adopt him and give my son his name he would have more self-confidence and it’s entirely your fault because he pays so much attention to you,” she huffed and pushed her bleach dyed blond hair behind her back.  “Now that you didn’t make the finals, thank God, your father and I are going to go to some of the country shows and you better give us some space you spoiled little trouble maker.”

Oh Hell
!  He’d missed Georgia barrel riding race.

Justin Cooper walked up just as Dakota rose to his feet. 
Damn why didn’t I realize that Georgia’s his daughter
.  This was a friend of his deceased father who lived in Casper, Wyoming.  Dakota had met him several times before on trips to buy bulls from his ranch, but he had never seen Georgia there. 

Dakota decided to hold back a minute.

“Sweetheart,” the older woman put her arms around her husband’s waist.  “Georgia was just telling me she has other plans tonight and she isn’t going with us to the shows.  In fact, she said she decided to go to Denver for the National Western Rodeo and some of the other rodeos by herself.  Looks like your daughter is finally getting the courage to go out on her own.  Aren’t you proud of her?”

“Georgia, are you alright?” her six foot three father asked as he leaned down to kiss her on her cheek, ignoring Sharon.

Dakota moved into the circle and he put his arm around Georgia’s shoulder.  She looked at him with surprise and then he saw the flash of recognition on her face.  He also noticed the smoldering heat that was there for only an instant before she assumed a nonchalant facial expression.

Dakota turned and put his hand out to Justin.  “Mr. Cooper, do you remember me, Dakota Tiller?  I am afraid I should have asked you first if I could take Georgia out tonight.”

Justin shook his hand, “Of course, I remember you.  I’m so sorry about your father.  I didn’t realize you knew my daughter.  And of course, she can go out with you,” he smiled at his daughter.

“Yes dad… you and Sharon need to go have a good time.  I’ll be alright with Dakota,” Georgia smiled and said…although her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes Dakota noticed.

“Well Georgia if you’re sure…you know…you and Dakota could come with us?” he seemed almost eager for her to agree.

“Dad, it’s okay really.  Dakota and I have some things we need to discuss in private.   You and Sharon have fun and I’ll see you in the morning before you head back home.”

Justin just looked at his daughter and back to Sharon.  “We’ll talk in the morning about this nonsense that you want to move out.  You two have fun.”  Her father and Sharon walked off, and Sharon turned back to give Georgia a smirking smile.”

“That bitch,” Dakota grumbled under his breath.

“You can say that again.  Thanks for coming to my rescue.  I didn’t realize you were there and I’m sorry you had to witness my step-mother’s behavior.  She and dad are going through a little newlywed jitters, I guess,” she looked anywhere but at Dakota’s face.

Dakota turned her so she was fully facing him, his hands gently caressing her elbows.  “She shouldn’t have treated you like that.  I wanted to punch her and I never hit ladies so you know how pissed off I am.”  Being pissed didn’t stop his cock from twitching as he looked at Georgia’s beautiful unflawed face with full red lips.

She laughed halfheartedly, “Well thanks for helping me out.  See you around.”  She turned and started to walk off.

He reached up and grabbed her elbow again.  “Wait a second, Georgia.  I was serious about taking you out.  I’ve been looking all over for you.”   Panic.  He couldn’t let her get away again.

“Really, Dakota?  Have you ever heard of a telephone?”  She looked up into his eyes and he caught his breath, stunned by her dark blue eyes and thick black eye lashes as they blinked over unshed tears.

“I didn’t put two and two together and realize you were Justin’s daughter.  You never gave me your number, but I have been looking for you everywhere.”

“Maybe that’s because you left in the middle of the night while I was sleeping.”

“I left you a note that I had a family emergency.”

She reached into her back pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and opened Dakota’s hand and slapped the bill there.  “When I saw you again I had it all planned out that I would yell and be all indignant and tell you I wasn’t a whore.  Just a tip for your future one nighters, never leave money on the night stand when you leave a woman’s bed without waking her up.  I’m too tired and sad to show you how angry I was about your behavior, Dakota.  Now I want to go lie down.”

“Honey, I had promised you breakfast and I left the money quickly without thinking and maybe it was a bad idea. I’m sorry.  I certainly didn’t think you were that.  Being with you was… amazing.” 
Amazing, hell, it was damn right spectacular

“Look at you Dakota.  You are a famous smoking hot cowboy that can have any woman he wants and well me…you can count how many times I’ve made love on less than three fingers, although you probably would call it fucking.  I didn’t expect forever.  You just charmed me at a moment when I was feeling vulnerable and I’m not that kind of girl.  It was a beautiful experience, but you need to find one of those bunnies for your needs.  It isn’t me.  Now thank you again.”

She quickly stepped into the elevator as it was closing and left him standing there with his mouth open. 
Damn, I was only her second lover
.  Georgia had been passionate and responsive and he could still hear her moans inside his head. Sparks had been flying. He snapped out of it and looked up to see what floor she was going to.  It stopped on five floors so that didn’t help him much, but he would knock on every door on those floors if he couldn’t figure how to get her number.

He hadn’t wanted another woman since they had been together in Cheyenne.  It had actually cleared his head and made him focus on all the rodeos that led up to him getting into the top fifteen in the standings and qualifying for the NFR in Vegas.  If he was smart, he’d put her out of his head so he could focus on his bull riding.  This was his first time to qualify for the finals.  His brother had placed first in the saddle bronc competition last year, and Dakota wanted to do well for his father who had just passed away a few months ago. 

Yeah, I should just forget about her…
he ran his hand over his face
…hell that‘s a stupid idea
.  He hadn’t quit thinking about her since he had left that night to go help Cody protect his woman from her crazy ex-husband.

The elevator doors opened and Cameron walked out.  He raised his eyebrow at his brother.  “Dakota, you hungry?”

“Yep, but for more than food.”  His hangover forgotten, his mind was running a mile a minute trying to figure out how he could get to see Georgia again.

BOOK: Dakota Love Me: Tiller Brothers Book 2
8.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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