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Lady Viper

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Lady Viper


Marteeka Karland


She has a way of looking at a man. That look only an innocent can manage. Only she’s far from innocent. The longing and hunger in her wide, gorgeous dark eyes is stark, there for all to see, except she manages to only show it when no one but her prey will notice. A man has enough time to think about it, realize he’s about to be trapped in a web of lust and need before he succumbs completely to her considerable charms--namely a sweetly beautiful face, firm, high breasts, and the most fantastic bubble butt this side of the Mississippi. From what I can tell, no man has ever left her arms unsatisfied, though she never goes to the same man twice. Some say no one can truly satisfy her. I say she just hasn’t met the right man...or men. Fortunately for all of us, she’s now set her sights on me…and my best friend.

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© 2015 Marteeka Karland

Cover Art: Shara Azod

Editor: Katriena Knights


eBooks are NOT transferable. Re-selling, sharing or giving eBooks is a copyright infringement.


Chapter One


“Here she comes,” Justin, my best friend and one of the most uptight people I’d ever known, warned in a stern voice as he hastily got to his feet. “She’s giving you that look.”

“And what look is that?” I asked, lazily crossing my arms as I sat back in my chair. The half-empty glass of beer sweated, making beads of water run down the sides. It was hard not to imagine how the Lady Viper’s skin would look drenched in perspiration just like that glass.

“The one that says she’s looking to get some and wants it from you.” That was the closest I’d ever heard Justin come to using the word “fuck” or the phrase “get laid” in all the time we’d known each other. Even now, he was slipping into his jacket and slamming a few bills on the table to cover his meal, expecting to beat a hasty retreat.

“If it’s me she’s after, why are you so hell-bent on getting the fuck out?” Justin’s face flushed a slight red. It was hard not to laugh openly at his discomfort. The man definitely needed to get laid by a woman like the Viper.

“Look. Piper ‘The Viper’ Day is not the kind of woman I need to be around. She makes me…” He rubbed the back of his neck. “…uncomfortable.”

“Which is exactly why you need to be around her. Stretch yourself a little. Honestly, Justin. When did you become such a pussy? We all used to play together as kids.”

“Hello, Bennett,” Piper said, addressing me as she approached the table. She wore jeans that hugged a perfectly rounded ass and a spaghetti-strap tank that showed her midriff and a little belly ring I wanted to thread my tongue through and see how long it took before I made her squeal. Her hair was long and loose; the tight curls cascading down her back made me want to grab a handful as I mounted her from behind. Directly on the heels of that thought came one that said
while she rode the cock of another man…

I was fucked. Literally. Piper wanted something from me. I could see it in her eyes. She had a body made for sin while her face was that of an angelic cherub. Men who didn’t know her were terrified of lusting after her for fear of eternal damnation. It was a weapon the Viper used to her advantage. It was how she got the nickname to begin with. She lured men to her lair with that air of sweet innocence before she struck, leaving them breathless and panting, anticipating more only to toss them aside when she’d had her fill. I’d heard some name her a whore. “Bitch” was thrown in there liberally as well when she turned her nose up at a man she’d been with the previous night. Personally, I saw nothing wrong with it. Men did it all the time. Why not women?

“You’re looking particularly edible tonight, Piper,” I said, flashing her a wicked grin. Justin nearly choked as he mumbled something before trying to leave. No way that was happening yet. I snagged his arm before he could scurry off.

Even though her skin was a beautiful shade of coffee and cream, she still managed the most becomingly innocent blush. The girl was good, that was for sure. “You’re not looking bad yourself.” She glanced at Justin who, in all his blond, fair-skinned glory was practically glowing bright red. “Hi, Justin.”

“P-Piper,” he stammered.

She looked at the half-finished meals on the table before asking, “Were you finished or would you mind if I joined you?”

“I-I was j-just headed out,” Justin managed. It was all I could do not to snort.

“Have a seat,” I said, tugging Justin back to his. “We were nearly finished, but I’ll be happy to buy you a drink.”

She grinned brightly, her whole face seeming to light up the room. I could see why men fell for her. A woman with a killer body, an insatiable sex drive, and the sweetest smile in the world… Who wouldn’t want that?

“I’d love one,” she said as I flagged down the waitress.

“Whatever the lady wants,” I said, flashing her another grin.

“Just ice water with lemon,” she said sweetly.

Again, the image of her body naked and beaded with sweat flashed through my mind. This had to happen. It
happen if I had anything to say about it. She wasn’t drinking alcohol so she was definitely looking for something. I’d watched her habits enough to know she never drank when she was looking to hook up.

“What’s on your mind?” I asked boldly. I half expected her to play coy. Most women would have, but that wasn’t her way.

“You know my game,” she said, never taking those incredible eyes from me. “Just as long as you know I never go for seconds. One night only.” Next to me, Justin coughed and spluttered as he choked on his own water.

“I know your game,” I replied, kicking Justin under the table, warning him to be silent. “But I’m willing to bet you enjoy yourself so much you come back for more.”

One delicately arched eyebrow rose. “You’re not the first man to say that, Bennett. I see no reason why you should be any different than every other man.” How the fuck did she still look so sweet and innocent while discussing sex? It was her eyes. Had to be. They were large and dark, wide and so pure with emotion I could almost feel her need. If her responses seemed innocent, her words told the true story. “There’s a reason I never go back to the same man twice. I don’t give second chances. And I’ve not been with as many men as everyone thinks, but it suits me to give everyone that impression.”

“A woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to take it,” I answered, holding her gaze. “I like that.”

“So, how do you propose to convince me you’re the man for me?”

And that was when the inspiration hit me. “Because you don’t need
man. Perhaps you just need to…” I glanced at Justin, unable to suppress the grin trying to split my face. “…stretch yourself a little.”

Chapter Two


It took me a moment to realize what Bennett was proposing. Then it took me another couple of moments to realize he wasn’t joking. With that knowledge, my face flooded with heat, and I was certain I’d pass out from mortification. Bennett Gray
there was no way I could do this. He’d been my best friend my entire life, knew I’d rarely ever even kissed a girl, and any sexual experiences I’d had were...well, forgettable. Was I proud of that? No. But it was surely a sign Ben was getting me in over my head. The bastard was probably giggling with glee on the inside.

“Ben--” I began, but he cut me off.

“You give us one night. We’ll show you more pleasure than any one woman has ever experienced.” How could Ben sound so confident knowing there was no way I could please a woman like her? Was this all some ploy to get Piper to sleep with him? Because it sounded like she’d already made up her mind to do it anyway. What did he need me for?

“The two of you?” Did her eyes widen? Oh, God! She was excited! “Together?”

“I thought you might like that,” Ben said smoothly. What I wouldn’t give for even a quarter of Ben’s smoothness with women. Not because I wanted to get laid or anything so crude. I’d just like to be able to carry on a conversation with a female without blushing to the roots of my blond hair.

Piper glanced at me, a shy smile gracing her features. God, the woman was beautiful! What man wouldn’t be beguiled by her air of sweet innocence? Certainly not me. The three of us had grown up together, though Piper had been a couple years younger than me and Ben. Hell, I’d watched her for years, secretly wondering what it would be like to kiss her sweet lips, her lush body. She was my own personal walking, talking, wet dream come true. Besides that, she was funny. Quick. And she’d always intimidated the hell out of me.

But what if…

“I confess, I never thought I’d have this opportunity. For one, there aren’t many men I’d trust enough for sex with multiple partners.” Piper spoke softly, but confidently. They could have been discussing the weather. That is until I realized she was trembling slightly.

“You’ve known us for years,” Ben countered. “We all grew up together.”

“But we went our separate ways after high school. You both went away to college. I did my studies here.”

Ben gave her a look of impatience, as if he knew her objections were token at best. “I think you know we’d never do anything to hurt you.” He gave her a wicked smile before adding, “Unless you begged us to.”

God! The thought of her begging me to fuck her, to take her until I’d spent myself, popped into my head and stuck. I could see her kneeling before me, those impossibly large chocolate eyes looking up at me with lust and need as she stroked my cock before guiding me into her mouth. It was an image I’d not soon be rid of. I had known her all my life and had never once thought of her like this. Well, at least not until after we’d come home from college. Still, I’d never been uncomfortable around her until her reputation as the Lady Viper became so legendary. Why was I so tongue-tied around Piper now?

Because this was
! The girl I’d known had grown into the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen, and I had no idea how to deal with it. But, Lord help me, I wanted her like no other woman.

Piper nodded slowly, an innocent yet somehow seductive smile gracing her perfect mouth. “Yes.”

Ben reached out to take her hand, putting it to his mouth to kiss her fingers. My best friend closed his eyes in bliss at the touch, making me ache to do the same. Before I realized it, I covered her other hand with my own, giving it a squeeze. A veil of impossibly long lashes closed as Piper seemed to revel in the sensations of our simple touches as though she were already naked and in our arms. That was the moment I knew this was really going to happen. Bennett and I were going to have Piper Day writhing between us in a lust-filled mass of raw nerves and desire.

Instead of anticipating the moment as I should, I found myself more nervous than I had been the first time I’d been with a woman. I had no idea why. I mean, The Viper never came back to the same man. It was likely a one-time thing no matter what. But, damn, I wanted it to be more!

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” I said, even as I brought her fingers to my own mouth the same way Ben had. Her skin smelled wonderful, making me want to nibble my way up her arm to her shoulder. What would her lips taste like?

“Of course it is,” Piper said, her voice steadier than mine. “In fact, I think I’ll have to insist. Of course, Ben flashed her a wicked grin. As much as I wanted this--craved this--I knew I was in over my head. One taste of Piper and I knew I’d be lost. I’d never be able to willingly let her go.

BOOK: Lady Viper
4.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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