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His mouth was hot and hard as he forced her lips open with his silken tongue. It caressed the insides of her mouth, teasing and probing, battling with hers, slipping and sucking the breath from her
tried to pull back, the heat rising up in her belly frightened her and she felt as if she wou
ld pass out from a lack of air,
continued to kiss her unrelentingly.
moaned and submitted as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled
her into his lap. His hands traveled up and down, one working on the long row of buttons down her back, and the other pulling the pins from her hair until it tumbled down her
back like a silken waterfall.

His lips finally stopped their assault of her mouth
gasped for air only to expel it in a whoosh of surprise when they traveled along the neckline of her gown and nipped at her nipples through the pristine white satin.
found them to be hard and growled in satisfaction. The little witch could
say what she wanted, but her body told the truth. She loved what he was doing to her. His kisses excited her as much as she excited him. His manhood responded to the soft little bottom squirming around in his lap and
pressed into her, smiling as she j
umped in shock when she felt the evidence of his desire. She tried to scoot away but
held her fast. Never before had a woman stoked such i
ntense need in him so quickly.

"See how I desire you pet? Your body ignites a fire inside me and I'm going to hav
e great pleasure quenching that fire with you in my bed tonight."
made a squeak of fright and tried to push away but
's arm locked around her and his eyes took on a dangerous glint. "You have nothing to fear from me little one if you choose to ob
ey. Just remember that I can give you great pain or pleasure. Your body belongs to me to do with as I wish. If you fight me or defy me I will be quick to punish
you. Do I make myself clear?"

's sense
were on overload. Her body had an ember of heat bu
ilding deep in her loins along with the cold tight knot of fear. His kisses made her ache for more but his hard maleness terrified her. She had no idea how he would quench the passion inside him as he spoke of her pain and pleasure. Her body told her to o
ey, to let herself be swept away in his arms and forget about her fears, but her mind wanted to know what was in store. It was the unknown that terrified her. That
and her body's response to this man who was almost a stranger, and an arrogant stranger at
that. His domineering personality ruffled
's pride. But, her mind argued, even if she fought him she couldn't stop him. That much was plain. She belon
ged to him now, body and soul.

grasped her chin gently but firmly. "When I ask you a question my
sweet, I expect an answer. I won't always be this indulgent with you
. Do you believe me when I tell you that your body is mine now and that I shall punish you as I see fit for any wrong doing. I want you to understand that the choice is yours pet. P
lease me in all ways and you shall never feel my hand or my strap upon your sweet little bottom. Defy me and I shall tame your wild streak until you are begging me
for forgiveness. Understand?"

's lower lip trembled with rage and fear but she held his
gaze. It was only a small sign of pride and strength but it woul
d have to do. "Yes, Monsieur."

"You may call me
, my sweet. We shall be getting to know each other very well after all. Now be a good girl and let me explore that deliciously sweet mouth
of yours."
surrendered to his demanding kisses, losing herself in the heat they stoked deep inside her. She forced the image of the driver from her mind as
's fingers teased her nipples and stroked her back in the darkness as they ma
de their way
to her new home.

reached down and gathered a handful of white satin in his fist, boldly raising the hem of her dress to stroke her thighs. He tweaked her nubbin and
gasped and squirmed, wanting to push him away. She was mortified that the drive
r might see them but she managed to keep from slapping his hands down.
when he said he would punish her for disobedience. The dangerous glint in his eye when he was angered attested to his hot temper. She had no desire to feel his hand
on her backside.
smiled at her submission, p
leased that she was learning to obey him already. The long night lay before them and
planned to use every minute of it to get to know his little wife and bend
her to his will.

By the time they pulled up
in front of the mansion,
's lips were wet and swollen from
's kisses. Her hair was a mass of curls in wild disarray
and the bodice of her dress was pulled down low and partially unbuttoned down the back. It barely covered her breasts, her taunt
nipples strained against the fabric right below the neckline, threatening to spill out at any moment.
tried to rake her fingers through her hair and tug up her dress but
stopped her, stillin
g her hand with a steely grip.

"I want you to meet my s
ervants just as you are pet. It is important that you learn your place in my home."
made a little cry of dismay. How could she face anyone like this? It was painfully obvious what
had been up to on the ride here and her body's traitorous respons
e was also evident in the flush of her cheeks and the passion smoldering in her eyes. They walked into the mansion and went straight towards a line of serv
ants stopping a few feet away.

, these are my men. They have their freedom, and are well paid b
y me to keep my business affairs a secret. You will find no help among them. They are very loyal and you are to obey them in my absence. They will also report any wrong doings to me immediately, so it will pay for you to be a good girl in th
eir presence. C
ome along now."

was mortified to feel
's hand resting in the small of her back, pushing her forward toward the waiting men. She stood firm and
squeezed her waist in an all too familiar warning. Biting her lip, fighting back her tears then ti
lting up her head in a show of defiance,
went forward towards the leering group. The servants looked her over like she was a horse up for auction. One man reached out and stroked her cheek. Another combed his fingers through her hair and grazed the t
op of her breasts. Her eyes flashed with outrage, and she reached up to swat their hands away, but stopp
ed herself at the last moment.

"Very good, pet. You're learning. Resistance causes punishment.

Cole turned back to his men, a satisfied smirk on his fa

Isn't she exquisite? She's full of fire and she's pure.
Pity she won't be up for sale, m
y little wife would bring an excellent price." The men before her looked shocked at
's words. "Yes men, it's true, I have taken this one as a wife. She will gr
ace my home and bed on a permanent basis to give m
e an aura of respectability.

There has been too much snooping around in my affairs as of late, and I believe having a high bred wife will stop some of the suspicion. The matrons won't wag their tongues if
my pretty bride is by my side at social gatherings. We will of course still continue to supply women for our esteemed customers, but the new Mademoiselle
will grace my bed exclusively. She's passionate and beautiful
with the added bonus of helpin
g us in our deception. What more could I ask for? She is the perfect way
for us to cover our tracks."

made a little sound of horror at
's words and he patted her hand nonchalantly in a false effort to appease her. "You would have found out event
ually pet so I decided it would be best to tell you of my work up front. You should be honored my sweet
to be chosen for my wife instead of being put up for sale. I see beautiful woman every
and could have my pick of any of them, but have chosen you
instead. Your silence is of course insured by the knowledge that were you to tell of my business ventures, you would be taught a lesson you'd never forget
and immediately sold to someone who would gladly pay to spirit you far away from New Orleans. Beside
s that, you will never have a chance to tell anyone. You will always be legally bound to my side
not to mention watched at all times. Your fate is in my hands
and always will be. But enough of this unpleasantness now, it has been a long day. Time for bed
, pigeon."




turned a trembling
towards the grand staircase and she climbed the steps on quivering legs. Both fear and a newly wakened desire filled her at the thought of being alone with
. She should hate him and be disgusted by his
horrid business, but her body still tingled when he brushed his knuckles against the side of her breast and the memory of his touch in the carriage, burned throughout her body. What did he have planned for her? Would he rub her between the legs again? Wo
ld he punish her?
remembered that he said he would give her great pleasure or pain an
d she shivered at the thought.

"Frightened, my sweet?"

met his eyes and slowly shook her head. She was nervous, very nervous, and she had that odd feeling in t
he pit of her stomach again, but she would never admit that she was truly scared. If he sensed her fear, his dominance over her would be compl
ete before it had even begun.

They arrived at
's bedchamber and he gently pushed her forward into the lamp li
t room. It was done in shades of maroon silks and had hunter green brocade furniture with mahogany wainscoting on the walls. The bed was a massive four poster which spires rose almost to the ceiling and dominated the chamber. On it was a mound of pillows
ade of satin an
d silks. A bed fit for a king.

locked the door behind them, then turned and smiled at
. Once more she felt like a mouse about to be pounced upon by a cat.
came forward and raised her arms over her head. He then stroked her sid
es, running his hands down to her hips. His mouth found a nipple and he swirled his tongue around it wetting the satin that covered it.
moaned and swayed on her feet, unable to stop her body

s reaction
to his practiced touch.

pulled her hair ov
er one shoulder and buried his face in the beautiful locks. He ran his fingers through the silky strands and kissed her neck, then moving down slowly, he stroked her breasts and belly. His hands were everywhere. Covering her, teasing her, igniting a fire
n her loins. The heat building inside
was intense and frightening. She felt herself getting damp between her legs and she shifted back and forth on her feet. Her silky undergarments rubbing against he
r sensitive nub as she moved.

turned her aro
und and finished unfastening the long row of buttons down her back with practiced fingers, then whispered in her ear. "Take off your clothes
, I
want to see all of my wife."

stood before him trembling, unable to move or obey. Her arms were lik
e slabs of marble, pinned to her sides. Her dress was her only shield, her only barrier between herself and the wicked man before her.

BOOK: Lessons of Love
5.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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