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Passion at the Castle (6 page)

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“Yes. Yes. Oh, God…” Gwen said.

Jonathan pinched the hard tips of her girls and the signal sent to her core ignited her orgasm. She gasped as her inner walls contracted. Euphoria coursed through her with each pulsating spasm. She was in heaven, pure sexual heaven. Gradually, the tautness in her body disappeared and lethargy crept upon her.

Gwen took a deep breath. “That felt amazing.”

Susan withdrew from Gwen then rose on her knees and faced Jonathan. “She’s perfect for you. All wet and hot.”

“And what about you?”

She gave him a sly grin. “Lay down and you’ll find out.”

He gripped his erection and walked on his knees towards her. “Promise?”

She giggled. “Of course.”

Gwen watched him take her in his arms and kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and moaned softly. His dick poked her stomach when their bodies collided. It was a typical love scene one would see in a movie, only this one was happening a few feet from Gwen. She sat up and slowly backed away. Susan noticed Gwen’s movements and separated her lips from Jonathan.

“Oh no you don’t,” Susan said. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Jonathan grabbed her ankle, bringing her to a quick halt. “There’s no escaping.”

He crawled between her legs, hooked them with his arms, then lifted them. His hungry gaze revved her heart. His long, rigid cock pointed at her as if it were saying it wanted her.

“You’re mine to fuck now.” He took hold of his erection and bent to push it inside Gwen.

“Wait.” Susan’s single word gathered Gwen’s and Jonathan’s attention.

She hurried towards them on her knees. She held a small packet in her hands. She stopped next to them and tore the package open. “Can’t forget this.”

Jonathan straightened, still holding Gwen’s legs. “Slide it on me, love.”

“Gladly.” She discarded the wrapper and held the condom.

Jonathan pressed his lips together as she slid the glove over his length.

“There we go.” Susan ran her hand down his covered erection, ensuring the latex was secure.

“Can I fuck her now?” he asked.

Susan pressed her hand to his chest and kissed him. “Fuck her good and hard.”

Gwen bit her lip and thought she was in the Twilight Zone for a moment. She’d never witnessed a woman telling her husband such a thing. It seemed too unreal until Jonathan lowered and positioned his dick at her entrance. Gwen’s pulse jumped. In one swift thrust, he slid deep inside her.

“Oh, fuck yeah.” He prepared to pull out then dive into her again.

The swift invasion ignited new pleasure and Gwen gasped. He rocked his hips back, withdrawing from her slick tunnel, then propelled inside her. Her body graciously accepted his cock and hungered for more of it. He pumped into her hard and fast, filling her again and again. Each penetrating motion gave rise to the fiery need burning in her body.

“I see some tits that need attention.” Susan eyed her prize.

She placed her hands on Gwen’s breasts and kneaded them while Jonathan pounded into her. The man was possessed, driving deep with intense need. He slipped so deep he was hitting her G-spot and boosting her towards an orgasm. Susan twisted Gwen’s perky nipples and erotic zings shot within Gwen. She gasped and moaned.

“Come for him,” Susan told Gwen.

“She’s so hot.” Jonathan thrust inside her. “A fucking inferno.”

Susan bent and claimed the hard tip one of Gwen’s breasts. She sucked on it and blood rushed through Gwen. Overheated and on the brink of insanity for her release, Gwen was ready to explode. When Jonathan sank deep within her pussy and Susan bit her nipple, the ticking time bomb ended. Gwen’s release arrived with spasm after gripping spasm. The rush of the release left Gwen’s body and mind swimming in a sea of ecstasy.

“Fuck, that feels good. Squeeze my cock. Yes!” Jonathan kept her lively pulse going while he continued sheathing his rigid member inside Gwen.

He clenched his teeth, making it clear his strain was ferocious. He grunted while he slid in and out. Susan moved to Gwen’s other bud and nipped it. An electric zing sparked Gwen’s orgasm and her inner walls hugged Jonathan’s dick tightly.

“Oh, yes,” he said. “Yes.”

His release came and he paused. The tension in his face and shoulders drained away as his erection hammered at Gwen’s pussy. Deep breaths of air filled his lungs.

Susan lifted her head and faced her husband. “Did you enjoy fucking her?”

“Quite well, yes.” He released Gwen’s legs from his grasp. “But I’m not done.”

“No, of course not.” Susan pressed her mouth to his.

Gwen could do nothing but watch as Jonathan wrapped his arms around his wife and kissed her deeply. His cock twitched. She couldn’t be sure if it was from his lingering orgasm or the rejuvenation of life as he tangled his tongue with Susan’s. Gwen considered interrupting them so they could enjoy time together, but it seemed they already were by the way they moaned and the smacking of their lips.

“I want you, Jonathan.” Susan kissed him. “I want to ride that big cock.”

“I’m all yours.”

Slowly, he withdrew his dick from Gwen. He crawled back on his knees then lay on his back.

Susan moved to his side and slipped the condom up and off his length. “I want you in my mouth first.” After she tossed the rubber behind her, she bent and took his erection into her mouth.

Gwen sat upright and breathed in a cleansing breath. The sky had changed from one full of colours to indigo. A few bright stars twinkled.

“Gwen.” Jonathan extended his arm towards her. “Come. Sit on my face. I want to taste you.”

Susan lifted her head and his erection slipped from her lips with a slight pop. “Excellent idea. I’ll ride him and you can smother him with your pussy.” She swung her leg over his lower half.

Gwen felt at peace with the two orgasms she’d had but welcomed more without hesitation. She crawled towards Jonathan’s head and paused when Susan groaned.

“Oh, baby.” She slowly impaled herself with his stiff cock.

She placed her palms on his chest and began to rock. Her blonde hair flowed forward, nearly covering her small breasts. The smile and expression on her face was one of pure enjoyment.

Jonathan gripped her hips, and with his feet flat on the blanket, he thrust upward and into her as she ground towards him. “I love you. I love you so much.”

“I know you do. I know,” she told him.

The climb up the orgasmic mountaintop accelerated at a steady pace. Susan’s tits jiggled while her mouth formed a near perfect O. Jonathan held her as he pumped. They appeared lost in lust, consumed with desire. Gwen admired them and at the same time, watching them aroused her. She understood their passion all too well. The friction. The anticipation. The yearning. It was all demanding and powerful, and there was but one way to satisfy what the body needed.

Susan lifted her gaze. “Climb on his face.”

Jonathan turned his head. “Let me eat you.”

Gwen’s body hungered for attention. She moved to the top of his head. He watched her as she slowly crawled over him.

Susan paused her movements and held her palms up. “Give me your hands.”

Gwen threaded her fingers through Susan’s. Hands clasped, Susan resumed her grinding motions.

Jonathan didn’t wait for Gwen to lower her pussy, not that she was hovering far above his face. He thrust his tongue into her slit and stroked her nub.

“Oh, God.” Gwen closed her eyes briefly. Although she’d come twice already, she craved more blissful orgasms.

“Feels good?” Susan asked, rocking towards Jonathan.

Gwen bit her lip and nodded. He brushed his tongue over her clit then circled it. She was so wet. Moisture spilled onto his face. The carnal hunger in her body grew and warmed her. She ground gently against him, seeking more attention to satisfy her longing.

“Kiss me,” Susan said.

Gwen leant forward at the same time as Susan and their lips met. Susan flicked at Gwen’s tongue, encouraging her to play. Gwen did and soon they were deep in a kiss and softly moaning while they worked towards a common goal. White-hot passion flowed within Gwen. Her body hummed the tune of longing. Jonathan lapped at her pussy, bringing her closer and closer to her climax. Susan’s grasp tightened, signalling she too was near her orgasm. Pressure mounted within Gwen. The sweet and torturous caress on her nub was too much, yet she adored it and didn’t want it to stop.

Susan broke the kiss with a gasp. “Oh, fuck. Oh…yes.” Her warm breath tickled Gwen’s lips.

The sound of such raw happiness spawned Gwen’s release. She held tight to Susan’s hands and together they enjoyed the waves of tranquillity shooting through their bodies. Underneath them, Jonathan groaned while he sucked on Gwen’s clit and drove into Susan. It didn’t take him long to acquire his release.

“Yes. Oh yes, baby.” Susan gasped. “I feel you.”

Ripples of bliss continued to flow within Gwen while she held onto Susan’s hands. She licked her lips and glanced at the dark sky. Cool air comforted her heated flesh. The night had turned out better than she could’ve imagined. And to think she almost didn’t join the loving couple for a little playtime fun. Gwen was glad she’d taken the opportunity to share pleasure with them.

Susan took a deep breath. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for food. Are you ready for a bite to eat?”

Gwen smiled. “I could use something to eat.”

“Right. Let’s have a snack, then”—she pressed her lips to Gwen’s mouth—“let’s fuck some more.”

The idea worked for Gwen and she accepted it by kissing Susan back. “Excellent plan.”

Chapter Six




Gwen took a deep breath and relaxed on a cushioned table in a spa. The night she’d shared with Susan and Jonathan had been incredible, amazing, and completely satisfying. The memory of it repeated in her head.

“This was a great idea.” Susan lay flat on her stomach with her head sideways, facing Gwen. A towel held her hair up and out of her way. Another cotton cloth covered her buttocks. Warm spa rocks on her back and thighs kept her from moving much but the hard mud mask on her face didn’t stop her from talking. Her creamy skin held a soft glow from the luxurious oil the message therapist had used. Her relaxed demeanour suggested she was ready to fall asleep.

“I thought you might enjoy it considering the long night and busy day we had.” Gwen had undergone the same treatment as Susan, which left her feeling warm, tranquil and numb, but in a soothing way. The soft music and vanilla scent encouraged lethargy.

“Mm, yes. We had so much fun. Didn’t we?” Susan smiled and another crack appeared on her mask.

“We certainly did.”

Their playful night of heated sex had lasted until the early morning hours. Gwen had returned to her room sometime after two a.m. She’d slept for several hours then met the couple for brunch. While they’d eaten, they’d decided to visit the nearby town. They had walked, talked, kissed, touched and given each other orgasms. Gwen had also given Jonathan a blowjob in a dressing room while he finger-fucked Susan. After they’d returned to the castle, they’d explored more of the grounds. The entire time, they hadn’t been able to keep their hands to themselves. It was as if they were a horny group of teens.

“How many times did you come last night?” Susan asked.

“Uh…I don’t know. A lot and they all felt incredible.” Basking in orgasmic shockwaves with her lovers while they lay on a blanket in a country field, under the stars, had left one hell of a memory in Gwen’s mind. She’d jotted a few notes in her journal before brunch.

“I loved tasting you and feeling you spasm,” Susan said.

“I enjoyed coming.”

Susan giggled. “Of course you did. Who doesn’t?”

“Nobody I know of, except maybe the old lady at the lingerie shop. She kept giving us the evil eye.”

“I saw the old hag staring at us. I bet she knew what we were doing in the changing room.”

Gwen lifted her head. “Why didn’t she interrupt us then?”

“Because we were going to spend a couple of hundred Euros. If she’d asked us to leave, she would’ve lost a big sale.”

“Oh. I hadn’t thought about that. It makes sense.” Gwen lowered her head.

“Tell me, did you enjoy making me come?”

“Yeah, I did.” Gwen swallowed. “Was I…okay?” She had been a bit nervous at first since she’d never licked a woman’s pussy before, but Susan had seemed to enjoy every minute. Gwen assumed she’d performed well, but it didn’t hurt to ask.

“Well, you made me come.” Susan chuckled.

“Yes, but…”

Susan lifted her head and moved her arms forward. The rocks fell off her back. She flattened her forearms in front of her. “You were a great lover. I really enjoyed our time together. So much so, I want you to pleasure me this evening.”

The confession gave Gwen confidence about her tongue skills. The admission also warmed her loins.

“Does Jonathan know your plans?”

“Not yet, but he won’t mind. I’m sure he’ll want a little romp later anyway.”

Gwen grinned and shook her head gently. The hard mask on her face rubbed roughly on the mat underneath her.

Susan arched an eyebrow. “What is it?”

“Your husband has quite the sex drive.”

“He always has. And he loves watching me with other women.”

“You two seem very happy and in love.”

“We are very much. Have you ever considered marrying again?”

“Oh no. No. I didn’t have time to date when I was raising my daughters.”

“But now they’re grown. Have you thought about it?”

Gwen took in a deep breath. Would she like a partner to share experiences and intimacies with? Yes. But the only men who appealed to her were the ones she’d met during her vacation. Men at home held little interest to her.

“Maybe. I met wonderful men while I was travelling. I think they’ve spoilt me. The men where I live are not like the ones I’ve met.”

“Perhaps you stay in touch with the ones you’ve met. See if they want to carry on a relationship.”

“A long-distance relationship.”

Susan nodded. “It could turn out to be more. You don’t know until you try.”

BOOK: Passion at the Castle
6.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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