Reapers Mist: Third in the Reaper Trilogy by Justin Gowland

BOOK: Reapers Mist: Third in the Reaper Trilogy by Justin Gowland
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Reapers Mist




Third Book in the Reaper Series











By Justin Gowland













Justin Gowland

Copyright Justin Gowland 2014

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All characters contained herein are fictional and all similarities to actual persons, living or dead are purely coincidental. Places and information while some may be real have been altered for the story and should be taken as such.





Dedicated to my readers that have made these books worthwhile writing. So ladies and gentlemen here it is the third book in the Reaper Series so sit back, have a coffee (or a tea), a bacon buttie (sandwich) and enjoy.














Chapter One


Lying in bed, I looked at the ceiling and tried to figure out why these visions or dreams were coming from. They seemed to be growing in strength and they also seemed to be coming more frequently. Maddie lay tucked up in the quilt with her back to me, but all that was on my mind were the dreams. I had spoken to Rees about the one I had when Simon had tried to kill me and he agreed that it might be the time to let the group know. I was getting so worked up about the dreams that I slipped out of the bed and pulled on some jogging bottoms and went to sit in the small living room.

I sat down on the couch and looked round the room, just watching the shadows cast upon the walls. Thinking about what was said after returning with Marc and Rees to the castle.

"I hope things don't turn out the way they did at the cottage." I mumbled.

"Look this time we are not getting booted out by anyone. I love this place, it has good defenses and if we managed to get enough supplies we could live here a long time. With Becky planting and the well for water we are in a good position for once." Rees said.

"Yeah! It's just that I don't want you all to resent having me here."

"Look to tell you the truth the dreams or whatever they are frighten me, but you have brought us all together and have managed to bring us to a place of safety. I have not resentment about you and I know the main group all feel the same. Derek and his family I am not sure about, but saying that they seem like good people. I suppose what I am trying to say mate is not to worry about it. Just get to bed and we'll all talk about it in the morning" He said putting his hand on my shoulder.

I lowered my head a shook it, "Your right no point in worrying about it till the morning." I said.

He started to walk off and called over his shoulder "Just think of the good and less of the bad dude." And he walked into the castle.

So here I am sitting in a dark living room watching the shadows on the walls and brooding on my own thoughts. I lay down on the couch and closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I awoke to find Maddie shaking my shoulder and smiling down at me.

"Hello sleepy head! What you doing out here?" She asked

"Sorry babe just couldn't sleep last night so came out here. I didn't want to wake you up." I said stretching.

I smiled at her and couldn't understand why it had taken me so long to find her and have her in my life.

"What you smiling about?"

"Oh, nothing just thinking how much I love you." I replied.

She smiled and bent down to kiss me on my forehead. I grabbed her head and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. We kissed for a while before she pulled away.

"We're going to have to stop. I need to go and get the breakfast started. Marc found some bacon in the freezer of the shop and it was nearly defrosted so should be okay to eat. So Christine and I thought bacon butties for breakfast. So if your quick and get your arse in gear you could get the first ones." She said.

Now you have to understand there is an unwritten law of the universe that if you get offered bacon sandwiches for breakfast. You must accept them as the gift from god that they are. The smell alone is one of the most erotic smells on the planet and I have even had friends that were vegan and veggies say that the smell makes their mouths water. With that in mind, I was off the couch and into our bedroom before the door to the apartment had even closed. About five minutes later I was fully dressed in my combats and grabbing my rifle and webbing from beside the door. Standing at the top of the stairs, I could smell the fried bacon and hear voices coming from the café. Walking into the café I saw Rees and Mary sat with their heads together drinking coffee and talking. I walked to the urns and poured some hot water into a mug and dropped a tea bag in, before pulling a chair out and sitting at a table.

Christine came out of the kitchen carrying two plates with large bacon sandwiches to Rees and Mary. I just watched as they went past, drooling like the child that I was. Rees was watching and he just started to laugh and I flipped him off, which made Mary laugh as well. (Oh well, at least some of us are happy this morning. Twats!)

I sat nursing my tea when Marc and Becky came down and into the café. They made their drinks and came to sit with me whilst I waited for my holy bacon sandwich.

"Jay, have you go anything on this morning?" Marc asked.

"Erm... yeah Rees and I were going to do a sweep of the island and try to find the boat that Simon was supposed to have come over on. Why?" I replied.

"Well, Becky was saying last night that she wanted to make a run over to the mainland."

I turned to Becky looking puzzled and said "Becky, what are you wanting from the mainland?"

"I need to get some netting to stop the birds from going after the seeds and I think the women could do with certain products. I know that I do." She replied.

"Any idea where you're going to find the netting that we need?"

"I was looking at the maps last night and there is a small town on the mainland south of here called Belford. I thought that might be a place to start."

"So when are do you want to go?"

"Well the tide goes out in about two hours, we could leave around then."

"The next question is who do you want to go with you?"

"That’s why Marc asked what you and Rees were up to today. I think it might be good ideas to have some other people go out. I, Marc and Mary, possibly one more, but I don't know who." She said.

"Ok, I can't see that being a problem, I'll get Rees to get you some weapons and ammo, but I would stress to not try and get into trouble. I know it will be hard what with you taking Marc, but beggars can't be chooser's." I said laughing as Christine came in carrying my bacon sandwich, at that moment I stopped laughing and just groaned
Becky looked at me and Marc just shook his head and smile. I was just biting into my bacon sandwich when Derek and his two girls came in. The girls sat at the table next to me and Derek went to sort out some drinks for them. I watched as Christine came out of the kitchen and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled a weak smile back at her and came to sit down next to his girls.

“Derek, what’s the matter?” I asked with a mouthful of sandwich.

“Just tired and feel, like I haven’t got a purpose in the castle at the minute.” He replied lowering his head.

“Ok, let’s try and sort that out then. Seeing as you feel like you’re at a loose end, there are a few phones and other computer stuff in the gift shop and in Marc and Becky’s room. If it is ok with them, I would like you and your girls to check them out. You do know how to use them?” I asked.

“Yeah, I know how to use computers. I helped to network the ones at my office when we upgraded.”

“Even better, now I know that you don’t need to have a broadband connection to network computers and that. So what might be a good idea is to have some up and running so that people can use and relax. Whilst Becky and her team are on the mainland could they get a large screen TV, blue ray player and a console of some sort? Then we can set up the gift shop as a sort of common room for relaxing in.”

“Yeah, I think I can do that.” He said his head lifting.

“Ok, seeing as everyone is here and everyone has a job to do today. I have one other thing to talk about.” And I told the group about the dreams and thoughts that Rees and I had as to what they mean.

“So, you have the Queen Reaper broadcasting to you when you sleep?” Marc said.

“No, not every time I go to sleep. It has only happened a few times.” I said.

“Are you sure it is not just a bunch of bad dreams?” Mary asked.

“To be honest, I don’t know, but what I do know is that I am not going to let it interfere with what we have here and the minute it starts to I will leave.”

That was when everyone started to get a bit heated and they started to shout at me. The long and the short of it was that everyone felt I had brought them here and helped protect them. Derek surprised me by saying that he would stand at my side if I had to leave, because I had helped to save his wife and children. In all that one statement meant the most to me and settled my mind about how the group would react to the news.

I held my hands up and said “Guys, please calm down. I am not going anywhere and by the looks of things if I tried, I would be tied up and put in the bathing room under the castle.”

“Actually, I had a chance to look round that room and there is another set of steps that lead down to a dungeon and I would have put you in there.” Rees said smiling.

“Fuck off!” I reply.

It got everyone laughing and the mood relaxed in the room.

“Ok, everyone knows what they are going to do today. Marc when you and your team are out today, can you get some fuel for the vehicles please.”

He nodded.

With that we all sat down and had our breakfast. As I sat eating my sandwich, Maddie came in carrying her own food and a mug. She sat beside me and leaned over to place a kiss on my cheek.

“Becky is taking a team on to the mainland for some women’s stuff. She needs one more to go with, do you want to go?” I asked her.

“I am doing a check on what food we have and going to start making menus so we don’t waste any. I am going to be busy most of the day.” She replied.

“I’ll go with them Jay.” Christine said.

“Christine you can’t be serious!” Derek said going slightly pink.

“Derek, we have these people to thank for saving our children and us. I think we both know that sooner or later we are going to have to help them outside of this castle. I for one want to prove that I can pull my weight outside of these walls, as much as I do inside.” She said taking his hand.

“I know that dear, it’s just that I will be worried the whole time you will be out there.” He said.

“Derek! Becky, Marc and Mary are a great team and they are very careful. If I was going out there and Rees wasn’t here, then they would be the team I would choose.” I said.

“Don’t worry Derek; I’ll make sure that Christine gets back ok.” Becky said.

“Rees can you make sure we get some weapons for Becky’s' team and then when you’re ready to do the sweep of the island come and get me. I think I am going to have another bacon sandwich before I go anywhere.” I said laughing.

Everyone that had to leave did and that just left me with Maddie and at some point my stupid dog had turned up. Maddie sat with Ghost’s head on her leg looking all forlorn at the bacon scraps on her plate. She smiled down at him and lowered the plate to the floor and scratched between his ears. With a low growl, he padded off round the counter and disappeared.

“Where the hell has he been?” I asked.

“He sleeps behind the counter, Christine brought a big blanket over from the castle and he sleeps there. I need to ask Becky to try and get some dog food or if you can find some when you do the sweep of the island.” Maddie answered.

“I think there might be some in the shop, I never really got a good look before that little shit clocked me one.”

“What made him do that? Jay he could have killed you or one of the others.” She asked.

BOOK: Reapers Mist: Third in the Reaper Trilogy by Justin Gowland
13.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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