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Revenge Is Mine

BOOK: Revenge Is Mine
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My Besties PT 4: Revenge is Mine

A Novel by Asia Hill

Cover design: Davida Baldwin

Copyright ©2016 by Good2go Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-943686-61-2


Published 2016 by Good2Go Publishing

7311 W. Glass Lane • Laveen, AZ 85339

[email protected]


All rights reserved, therefore no part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission expert in case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. For more information, contact publisher. This novel is a work of fiction. All the characters, organizations, establishments, and events portrayed in this novel are either product of the author’s imagination or are fiction.


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All praises due to Allah. I count my blessings every single day. I am so thankful for the gift that he has given me.

Jae’lyn, Ja’taya, and Jacob. What more can I say? You guys are my life and my world. I am nothing without you.

To the real LockJaw . . . my man, my best friend, my better half, my boo, thank you! I love you so much. Not only do I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, how ‘bout eternity? I never knew a real love existed until I met you. I love you forever and some more shit!

A very special thank you to all of my readers. Thank you for liking what I do. That gives me the extra motivation to keep writing these stories. I greatly appreciate the support.

Rachel Hanson (aka Ray Ray) – I didn’t know there were still some real people out there until I met you. I love you buddy.

Dominica Glover – Sorry it took me this long to shout you out, cuz . . . you know I love you!

Shalonda (Chicago) Brown, Christine (Pooh) Perkins, Shannon Spivey, and Clarissa Ayo – it was a pleasure knowing you girls. We had a ton of laughs and cries that I wouldn’t change for the world . . . I love all of ya’ll.

The end of my 10-year sentence is near. I have lost so much, but I have also gained a lot. So many tears have been shed. I had to grow up in here. I love the woman that I have become. I will never forget this experience. This is not a place for any civilized human being. Some of these prison officials mistreat you and abuse their authority. They try their best to make every day more miserable than the one before. Remember that!

A shout out to all of the woman and men behind these walls. Be strong. Stay strong. Physically, they have our bodies. Never let them capture your mind.

One Love!


There is a dark storm brewing

over the City of Chicago.

I urge you to take cover . . . immediately. The Eastside Crazy Crew is out for blood!

Revenge is all Ja’ziya has on her mind after being viciously attacked on her way out of jail. After learning the real reason behind her attack, she is going to stop at nothing to make sure Mia gets what she so rightfully deserves. Can she successfully pull off her plan without it blowing up in her face?

Being the enforcer of the crew, Dirty E knows that it’s her job to keep her besties safe. It’s clean-up time. Anybody who crosses the E.S.C. has to go. Will she succeed in eliminating their problems or will the hunter become the hunted?

ReRe is so fed up with Dirty E protecting JoJo. She is determined to do whatever it takes to kill JoJo, her unborn baby, and her conniving sister, Mia, even if it means destroying her friendship with Dirty E.

LockJaw knows that he is the reason for the attack on Ja’ziya. The only thing on his mind is murder! Can he get revenge for his beloved JuJu, or will he fall victim to Mia’s treacherous ways?

The only thing Lil Man wants to do is find JoJo and get his baby. Will his love for his child be the death of him?

Guns cocked and loaded, the Eastside Crazy Crew strap up for the last showdown. Enemies better take cover. Can the crew get the revenge that they want or will they bite off more than they can chew?

Getting money is the last thing on their mind. Get ready to find out how they plot and scheme in
Revenge Is Mine


Chapter 1



I swear in a million years I never saw that coming. I used to watch all types of prison shows on T.V. and some dude was always getting shanked. I never thought that would be my reality. I’m salty as hell. She got me good . . . 30 stitches in my neck and 15 across my chest. I guess the ass-whooping I put on her was too much. I lost so much blood that by the time they got me to the hospital, I needed to have two blood transfusions. The morphine drip that they had me hooked up to did nothing. I was in so much pain.

“Where the fuck is the nurse’s button?”

I pressed it twice and waited. Ten minutes later the nurse entered the room.

“Um, can you please give me something else for the pain? This morphine drip ain’t working.”

She looked at me with an evil-ass look. Her face was covered with one of those masks that the doctors wear in surgery. There was something familiar about her eyes though. They were cold. I’ve seen those eyes before. She turned to close the door, still not saying a word. When she turned back around, I almost pissed on myself. She took the mask off.

“So we meet again. I told you that he was going to be mine. You have to die. Simple as that.”

“You punk ass bitch. Killing me ain’t gon’ make him be with you. You was just something to do.”

I knew that death was knocking at my door. I just couldn’t help myself. If I was about to die, I wasn’t about to tuck my tail for this bitch.

“Talk that tough shit all you want, lil’ girl. I’m going to have my way with Jaw. I just wanted you to know that.”

She pulled out a big-ass needle filled with a light green substance.

“I hope this acid burns you real slowly.”

I was too weak to fight her off and the wound in my neck prevented me from screaming out. I couldn’t give this bitch the satisfaction of knowing that I was truly scared. I closed my eyes and said a quick prayer. She grabbed my I.V. and pushed the acid into the tube. It almost instantly started to burn. My body started to convulse and jump without my control. I held my breath for as long as I could before I couldn’t hold it anymore.


She stood over me smiling.

“Indeed you will, but before I get there I’ma fuck Jaw until I can’t fuck him no more.

Before she walked out, she blew me a kiss. That was definitely the kiss of death.


(Lil Mama)

My heart was in pieces. I tried to be the best role model I could be under the circumstances. I taught her what I knew. Yeah, she was out there wilding out with her crew, but so fucking what. She didn’t deserve this. She had a rough life growing up. Whatever she wanted to do, I was going to make sure she was the best at it. My job was to just . . . I don’t know . . . I’m rambling on here trying to convince myself that it’s not my fault when in all actuality it was. I was supposed to make sure she stayed in school and got good grades. Instead, I was out here teaching her the same thing that got me 10 years in federal prison. Fuck all that, I’m not about to sit up here and feel sorry for the life that I chose to live. I’m just so happy that the knife didn’t hit any major arteries. Whoever did this was going to pay. My phone brought me out of my thoughts.

“Hey boo.”

“Hey love, where you at?”

“Up at the hospital with my niece.”

“Oh yeah? How is she?”

“Touch and go, but she’s going to be okay. Where you at?”

“Still in Indiana. After I make a few moves I’ma shoot your way. You need anything?”

“Just you.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

I hung up the phone feeling like a gitty school girl. I recently started talking to someone. I met Carmen at the casino in Hammond, Indiana a few weeks ago. I was at the blackjack table trying to win back the 12 grand that I had just lost. Lately my luck had been on the down side. I had just won a hand when I got a whiff of my favorite men’s cologne—Cool Water. What? I’m old school. I turned around to see who had on my shit. Nobody in particular jumped out to me, so I turned back around.

“You looking for me7”

I turned around to see this fine-ass girl standing beside me. I was impressed.

“Maybe I am. Come here. Let me smell your neck.”

She leaned over me putting her neck in my face. I took a deep breath. Damn, she smelled good.

“Girl, you smell too good. What’s your name?”


“Cee what? We grown. I want your government name.”

She smiled and took a seat next to me.

“My bad. My name is Carmen.”

“Well nice to meet you. I’m Lil Mama.”

She paused for a minute then gave me that ‘really’ look. We started cracking up at the same time.

“I can’t get your government name?”

“Uh uh, I don’t know you like that. Where you from?”

“I’m from Gary, Indiana. You?”

“Windy City, baby. What‘chu doing at the boat?”

“Damn, girl, you the police? What’s good with all the questions?”

“Shit I’m nosey.”

We sat at the bar and talked all night. She definitely caught my attention. She was roughly six feet tall, light grey eyes, and with a beautiful caramel complexion. She wore shoulder-length dreads with blonde tips. She wasn’t a girlie girl, but she wasn’t all the way butch. She was just aggressive. I liked that. I wanted to be the only one wearing makeup.

After a few drinks she completely opened up. That was a no-no in my book. I’m very private, but I let her ass talk away. I found out that she grew up hustling with her brother, who she called, Bubba. Let her tell it. He was the man to see in Gary. He had everything on lock. He got so big that he made her stop hustling and put her through truck-driving school. Everything was all good until he and his girlfriend were both murdered on Thanksgiving night. She had to step up and handle his business. From the looks of things, she was doing quite well for herself. She stood before me rocking a pair of True Religions, a white True Religion shirt, and some black and white Yeezy’s. We ended the night with a kiss and we’ve been kicking it ever since.

Back to the present, I stared at my niece with tears in my eyes. My poor baby. I had to do better for her. She deserved . . .


(Machine’s beeping)

I jumped up and ran over to her bedside. She started moving her head back and forth like she was trying to get away from something.

“Ju, baby wake up. I’m here.”

Not a second after I said that, she jumped up.

“Argghhh, bitch, I’ma kill you!”

“What? Kill who? Baby, calm down.”

I knew that once she saw that I was sitting in front of her alive and well, she was going to freak out

“Calm down Ju, I’m here.”

She opened her eyes and stared at me for a few seconds. I couldn’t read her face. I didn’t know what the hell she was thinking. I went to reach out and grab her. She snapped! She started frantically looking around for something.

“Ju, baby, what are you looking for?”

She still didn’t address me. She busted out and started screaming.

“NURSE! NURSE! Help me, please!”

This girl was losing her mind.

“No, no, no! I know this damn morphine got me tweaking because you . . .” pointing toward me “. . . are not here.”

The nurse came running in the room with a doctor.

“What’s wrong?”

Ju went crazy!

“She’s dead and I see her. Why is she here and she’s dead?”

The nurse looked at me and I asked her if she could give us a minute so I could talk to her. I waited ‘til the door was closed until I spoke.

“I know you’re shocked. But, baby, calm down before I slap the shit out of you.”

She stopped screaming and started crying. It took me a full hour to tell her what really happened to me.

“Auntie, you don’t know how hard it was for me being in that jail cell thinking that you were dead.”

“It was hard staying out of the way until I was better.”

“So, Meech had you the whole time?”

“Yes, he did.”

She touched my hand and then my face.

“You look so different. Damn, I’m so glad you are here. I need you.”

I was so glad to get that out of the way. Now I needed to know why she just had that little outburst. Boo kinda filled me in on her and Jaw’s little issues, but she left a lot out, too. I didn’t wanna pry in her business, but I wanted to see if I could make things right.

“Why did you just wake up screaming like that? Don’t lie to me either. I’m here for you.”

She sat up and started to cry.

“I had a bad dream, auntie. That bitch, Mia, put acid in my I.V.”

“Mia? Who is . . .?” she snapped.

“The bitching Jaw was fucking!”

“Well calm down. That bitch ain’t here. I am.”

“I gotta get out of here. I don’t feel safe.”

“I’ll get the doctors to discharge you; and just so you know, that bitch ain’t gon’ do shit to you.”

BOOK: Revenge Is Mine
12.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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