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BOOK: Sexy Hart (Sexy Series)
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Sexy Hart

Sexy Series
Book Three

Dani Lovell

Copyright 2014 Dani Lovell

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The hot sun beams through the small gap in the luxurious, thick curtains, warming my legs that straddle the duvet. It's a welcoming change to the miserable start to summer that we're having at home, and I stretch and revel in the glorious California air.

Bea and Tilly were absolutely right, I do love it here and there really is something so wonderfully special about this part of the world. As my best friends, I suppose they've known for a while that I would visit and never want to leave - and they would have been right; I’m thoroughly envious of them.

Tilly now lives here with her super-gorgeous, super-ridiculously-swoon-worthy husband and their beautiful baby daughter who was born in front of these very eyes only yesterday; and Bea and her equally super-gorgeous, super-ridiculously-swoon-worthy fiancé get to live in both England and this amazing apartment in LA. She even gets to continue working in our beloved shop six weeks out of eight, whilst living this fabulous jet-setting lifestyle.

I, on the other hand, am the incredibly boring 'other' owner of Bear’s Cakery who lives all alone, full-time in boring old England. No rich, eligible, gorgeous man sharing my bed, no first class flights across the pond every few weeks, no romance, no excitement, no sex. Well, most of the time anyway.

I stretch one of my legs and point my perfectly polished ‘holiday’ toes before burying them back under the duvet and smiling at no one and nothing in particular, just enjoying my fabulous break away. I remember yesterday and how eventful it was. Knots tighten in my tummy as I relive the momentous occurrences that kept me thinking long into the early hours.

I recall that moment when baby Emily was born; such a moving scene, I am still in utter disbelief that my feisty, tiny little friend could do all of that on her own. How amazing a woman can be - something I've never really contemplated massively until I witnessed a human being emerging from another in such an agonising, yet, beautiful way. I'll be eternally grateful to Tilly and Luke for letting me be a part of that, and I am certain that Bea feels the same.

My mind soon moves onward to the next major event just a short while after little Emily's arrival. I roll onto my side and draw my knees up to my chest as my stomach does some weird, fizzy somersault-type thing. I suppose I should be used to the feeling by now, I get it every time I think about those never-discussed 'occasions' with Oliver.

I should never have fallen in love with my best friend's brother at such a young age, back in the college days but I got over it, thankfully. Now I just have to deal with the debilitating spasms that occur every time I think about one of the few occasions when we have forgotten ourselves and succumbed to the sexual chemistry that sporadically sizzles between us.

Yesterday wasn't like the other times though. I mean, Oliver has a girlfriend this time - and she is here! Here in LA, holidaying with us, yet he still burst into that hospital toilet after me to have sex against the cold white wall, my head colliding with the damn hand towel dispenser the whole time. The amount of hair that must be hanging from that thing could probably be used to make a small wig, but at the time, all I could feel was Oliver... inside me, making me whimper in ecstasy.

I don't know why he did it. He apologised for Stacy - the girlfriend-from-hell's behaviour, and tried to comfort me because I was so overwhelmed at what I had just witnessed in the delivery room, but why he grabbed me and kissed me... I've no idea. I had no make-up on, I hadn't had any sleep, I was wearing some random mish-mash of holiday clothes and had been crying my eyes out for a good hour or so. Attractive was the furthest thing from what I must have looked at that moment, but he still wanted a piece of my action, and naturally, as always - I gave it up for him.

I pull the duvet over my head as I remember the spine-tingling moment he licked my neck, just below my jaw and whispered in my ear about how beautiful my body is as his hands ran underneath my top and lifted my bra, cupping my naked boobs.

Every time, without fail, he has told me how soft my skin is, how he has never touched anyone who has felt so much li
ke pure, delicate silk. I don't do anything special so I suppose it must just be a hereditary thing... but he loves it - it's like a drug or something because when we're together like
, his hands don't leave my body; stroking, smoothing, caressing...

"Oliver! Come and see this!" A loud shriek from the living room violently disturbs me from my delectable memories, and I'm reminded of
her. Ugh no
. Although I really cannot stand this girl, and I have no idea why Oliver is interested in her, whatsoever - I still can't help but feel horribly guilty about what we did. She has been so paranoid about me, thinking I'll pounce on her man - hence why she invited herself on this trip - but ironically, he's the one that pounced on me.

I didn't even know Stacy was coming on this trip until the night before we left when I got a text from Oliver. When I saw his name pop up on my phone, I was expecting a message confirming the time that he would be collecting me or sharing excitement about the trip, but instead, it was a message to let me know (or more accurately, warn me) that Stacy would be joining us, last minute.

My heart sank. Not because I thought anything would be going on between Oliver and I during this trip, I had no such thoughts at all. We had never done anything together when one of us was seeing anybody else and as far as I was concerned, we were old friends and nothing more.

The reason for the sinking heart was that I had hoped for us to reconnect as friends again. It had been a while since we chatted properly, Stacy doesn't like Oliver interacting much with other girls, especially me, and although he can't be told what to do, it has made things very difficult so our friendship has hit a bit of a rough patch - which saddens me, hugely.

I was also so excited about spending this holiday and my birthday with my best friends and their families. We all get on so well and I can really let my hair down and enjoy myself around everybody, but when news about Stacy hit, I knew that there would be tension and awkwardness throughout. This is something that I have been waiting so long for, and with the probable arrival of what is practically a niece to me, I have been so excited.

I drop my head back onto my pillow and take a long, deep breath before throwing back the covers and slowly climbing down from Bea and Daniel's amazingly huge and luxurious bed. I feel bad to have kicked them out of their own home but as Bea told me, it's not my fault, had the plans stayed the same, they would have stayed in their own bed, I would have been in the spare room, and Oliver on the incredible bed-like sofa in the lounge. But with the extra, last-minute guest, everyone had to shuffle around so that they could have their own room, so Bea and Daniel decided to go and stay with Daniel's sister, Alexia.

In hindsight, I probably should have gone and stayed there, I could have avoided a lot of angst and evil eyes if I had, but never mind, it is what it is now and it was probably less of an imposition on Alexia to have her brother and sister-in-law stay with her, unexpectedly - than me.

I tie my thick hair up in a messy bun and wrap myself in Bea's dressing gown before opening the bedroom door warily, wondering what sort of bitchy look I will get when I see
for the first time today.

As this bedroom is right by the kitchen area, I manage to slip in and flick the kettle on without bumping into anyone, and it's not until I rest back against the counter and rub my eyes, that I notice that they're out on the balcony, side by side, Stacy's arm around Oliver's waist, pulling him tightly into her while he holds onto the railing in front of them.

I subconsciously close my eyes as my stomach churns a little. I always feel a bit like this when I see Oliver with a girl after we've... we've... you know. It's not like I think anything will ever develop with him, and I am totally over the whole 'in love' thing I once felt for him, but it does hurt a little when I think of how close we are when we make love together and then see him being affectionate with another girl.

I wonder if he feels anything when he sees me with a guy? He was a little odd on a few occasions with the last couple of semi-boyfriends I had, but nothing outwardly obvious. I doubt he feels anything, we have a sexual attraction and that's about it as far as he's concerned.

I'm certainly not going to fall in love with him again, I've been there and still have a scar etched so deeply into my heart from the realisation that he'd never love me back. I won't be in that position again, but we do seem to have this undeniable sexual thing, my body goes crazy when he comes close, when his lips graze mine and his chest brushes against my boobs... and he has admitted something very similar about me, too.

I'm startled as the balcony door closes and Stacy speaks. "Oh, you're up."

I wish I didn't have to smile at her, I wish I could snarl and tell her to go fuck herself, but I'm not Tilly, I just can't do that. So I do what I always do and offer her a big smile and a polite, "Yes, I'm up. Good morning Stacy, morning, Oliver, did you both sleep well?" Why am I so bloody nice all the time? She's horrible to me, but I can't bear the thought of upsetting anyone, whoever they are, so I just swallow the insults and offer my usual sweetness in return.

"Great, thank you," Oliver responds looking directly into my eyes, he smiles ever so slightly and glances down at the floor before fiddling with something non-existent on his t-shirt.

"Speak for yourself," Stacy adds with a smirk, "I didn't get a lot of sleep at all, thanks to someone feeling the need to disturb me constantly..." she giggles flirtatiously; revoltingly, "I'll be a very tired girl today, might need to go back and spend some more time in bed..." she says as she runs a long fingernail down his bicep and presses her breasts up against his side before turning to grin at me.
I simply raise my eyebrows and smile awkwardly, holding back the vomit. What is one supposed to do when someone you don't really know discusses all the sex she had with your friend/occasional fuck-buddy last night?

Oliver frowns and looks over to me before blinking a couple of times and changing the subject. Yeah, change the subject Olly, now that I know you've had sex with both of the women in this room in the space of
twenty-four hours. "What time are we due to be meeting Bea and Daniel?"

"What?" Stacy asks, sharply, "I didn't know we were seeing them today..."

"Yeah, of course we are, we're all going to see the baby..." Oliver says, seeming a little impatient.

"This wasn't planned, was it?" she asks, put out.

"Well it wasn't planned before yesterday, obviously, Stacy, we didn't know when the baby was going to be born. Clare said last night that we're meeting this morning and heading over to Til and Luke's place. You were here when she said it..." Oliver says, sternly.

"Well I don't remember that.”

I'm not sure whether to answer Oliver's initial question or not... it has gotten a little awkward in here again. After the hospital yesterday, I spent the day with Bea and Daniel, lounging at Alexia's. We slept by the pool and enjoyed the peace after an exhausting night. We planned to meet for breakfast today and then head over to Til and Luke's which was always a tentative plan for the day after the baby was born. Oliver came back to the apartment to see Stacy after the hospital, of course, and she didn't want to spend the day with us.

"So, what time, Clare?" Oliver's tone softer as he asks again, turning to look at me, exhaling loudly and smiling apologetically.

I return a sympathetic smile automatically, I can't help it, I feel sorry for him - she's constantly hideous, I simply cannot understand why he likes her, his other girlfriends have all been really nice in comparison - mind you, ‘Cruella Deville' would seem nice in comparison to Stinky Stacy.

BOOK: Sexy Hart (Sexy Series)
2.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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