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“Well, let me amend that,” Preston continued. “We would never hurt you unless you truly deserve it. And you are clearly in need of a bit of discipline to remind you that you want to be here.”

Lydia swallowed hard, her eyes flashing with a rising bubble of rage that threatened to burst forth. Preston’s hand slipped down underneath her bottom, splaying over her upper thighs and cupping the fleshy cushions in his palms. His groin brushed against her bare buttocks in a movement edged with lecherous enjoyment.

“Come, love. Kruin will do the honors.”

Nervously, Lydia’s eyes slipped to Kruin. His dark eyes watched her with a hint of dislike and coldness, his body as rigidly unyielding as the high-backed, oak chair on which he sat. Lydia wrapped her arms around herself and shivered.

“Lydia.” Kruin’s deep voice echoed in the room. “Come here.”

Of the three of them, Kruin’s orders were the most difficult to disobey. Lydia walked across the room slowly, as if she knew what he would do to her and yet unable to prevent it. At his instruction, she settled over his hard thighs, wincing when he lifted her skirt and arranged it with almost meticulous care over the expanse of her back.

A smile curved Preston’s lips as he settled into his chair. Lydia’s back arced forward in a graceful curve, her hipbones pressing against the top of Kruin’s thigh.

How Preston adored seeing her like this, her pride reduced to being the recipient of a punishment as base as a spanking. The pale globes of her buttocks quivered, as if trembling with dread for the discomfort that would surely result from Kruin’s large hand.

Preston shifted, feeling his penis start to expand at the thought of Lydia’s anxiety. Oh, how he wished he could be the one to administer her first punishment. He would love to feel her helpless weight over his muscular thighs, the growing furnace of her buttocks as he rained his palm over the smooth cheeks until they glowed and burned with the rosy evidence of his control.

All in good time
, Preston reminded himself, still unable to prevent the stab of envy when Kruin landed the first loud slap on Lydia’s rounded backside.

She gasped in surprise, perhaps more from the shock of it rather than any actual pain, but her body jerked forward to escape the inevitability of a second blow. Kruin’s hand came down again, the accompanying smack of flesh against flesh resounding through the room with a sharp tone of finality.

A pinkish warmth glided upon Lydia’s bottom cheeks as Kruin prepared for another blow, one which caused Lydia to cry out in discomfort, her hips squirming enticingly against the man’s legs as she struggled to escape. Kruin’s other arm clamped around Lydia’s waist, holding her weight down effortlessly as he spanked her again and again, each strike eliciting a wail of pain from its recipient.

Preston’s prick throbbed inside his trousers, aching with the desperate need for relief as he imagined what it would be like to spurt his creamy seed all over the flushed, reddened buttocks of their captive.

He very nearly spent at the thought, his gaze fixed lasciviously on the writhing movements of Lydia’s body, her face growing as red as her backside, her eyes brimming over with tears and shame.

Her hands scrabbled at the plush carpet beneath them as she searched vainly for something to grasp onto to pull herself away, but Kruin’s grip was inexorable. His hand began to tattoo a rhythmic pattern on Lydia’s lush cheeks, even as the twin mounds wriggled around frantically to escape the stings of his broad hand.

Preston and Gabriel exchanged looks of amused satisfaction as they noticed the certain moisture that began to seep out from between Lydia’s silken thighs, bathing her smooth vulva with feminine liquids. Kruin even broke the pattern of his slaps momentarily to dip his finger into the wet cavern, evoking another cry of shock and embarrassment from Lydia as she tried instinctively to clamp her thighs together.

Kruin landed his next blow with more force, as if in punishment for her trying to deny him access. Lydia’s dress gaped forward, her bare breasts dangling like ripe, little fruits, topped with nipples so hard that Preston experienced a raging desire to close his lips around them and suck. He rubbed the hard bulge in his trousers fitfully, feeling fluid dripping from the tip in a desperate bid for total release.

He shot Gabriel a covert look. The younger man was watching the scene before him with a look of flushed arousal, his own impressive manhood pressing lewdly against his trousers.

Preston’s gaze slipped down to the bulge almost of its own volition, and he was shocked by the sudden rush of curiosity that snared him. He’d seen Gabriel’s flaccid penis before and had been impressed in a masculine way with the size of it, but he had never thought he would feel the desire to witness the release of the large stalk from the confines of material, to watch it burst forth in a glorious erection pulsing with blood and desire.

Intensely uncomfortable with the thought, Preston returned his attention to the scene before him, his hand clutching hard at his smaller but no less painful member. He gritted his teeth at the sight of Lydia’s flaming bottom, her face wet with tears as whimpers and pleas emerged from her throat in an unbroken stream.

Her legs flailed and kicked behind her, as if desperately seeking an object on which to brace themselves. Finally, Kruin’s hand came to a halt. The planes of his face were set in a grim expression, his dark eyes hot as his hand slipped once again into the valley between his prisoner’s legs.

“Oh…” A moan escaped Lydia’s parted lips as her body went limp with relief, her writhing movements of pain shifting subtly into luscious wriggles as Kruin’s fingers found the plump lips of her labia and began to manipulate them with an unmatched expertise.

His hand lifted from the folds of her sex with a swiftness that caused Lydia to catch her breath in surprise, trying to turn and see what was the matter. Kruin’s big hands clamped around her waist as he lifted her to her feet, dispensing with her dress at the same time and exhibiting fully her aroused nudity.

She stumbled off balance when she was righted again. Kruin’s hands kept her from falling, his arm brushing against the swollen, tender flesh of her bottom. Lydia gave a little yelp of pain, her hands going automatically to cover the burning mounds.

“Kneel,” Kruin ordered, clamping onto her wrist and forcing her to the floor.

She did, her eyes flying to Gabriel with alarm. Preston suppressed a rush of irritation, for unbeknownst to Lydia, whomever she looked at first after her punishment would be treated to the pleasures of her mouth.

Gabriel gave her a gentle smile, beckoning her forth with a crook of his long finger. With a moan, she grasped her bottom cheeks as if to soothe the burning pain before shuffling across the floor to him.

She appeared to know exactly what he wanted, maneuvering between his thighs with untoward willingness. Her tapered fingers worked his trousers before revealing the pulsing root of his phallus.

Lydia sighed almost in rapture and bent her head to seal her lips around the thick knob. Gabriel rested his head against the back of the chair, his hands delving into Lydia’s hair as she intensified her erotic ministrations.

So engrossed in her task was Lydia that she appeared oblivious of Preston’s inability to hold back any longer.

The sight of Lydia—her trembling, naked body kneeling in a position of subservience, her flaming buttocks cleaved by the dark valley spread wide as she crouched between Gabriel’s muscular thighs and began to lave his large prick with her lips and tongue, the curve of her back as she leaned forward to better administer her sensual ministrations, the succulent pout of her labia glistening with her arousal—all proved to be too much for Preston’s fervent sensibilities.

With a low growl in the back of his throat, he released his penis from his trousers and began to massage the member, sliding his hand up and down with frantic movements as pressure built at the base. Within seconds, he began to spurt streams of milky white seed all over his hand, bliss invading every pore of his convulsing body.

Then Gabriel’s hoarse groan resounded through the room, his hands digging into Lydia’s scalp as jets of semen pulsed out to fill her mouth. She choked, pulling away almost in panic as his penis continued to jerk and twitch, splattering her breasts and neck with liquid.

Preston forced away a rush of rage as he witnessed Gabriel’s penis slipping out of the wet confines in which it had been embedded, coated with the mingled juices of his loins and her mouth.

Weakly, Lydia pressed her hands on the floor as she tried to catch her breath, her naked body quivering with the onslaught of furious sexuality and the newly discovered eroticism of discipline. Before she could move, Gabriel slipped his adept fingers into her folds from behind, skillfully massaging her to the shattering heights of her own orgasm.

Lydia shrieked out her pleasure, her whole body trembling with vibrations. She sank down onto the carpet, her limbs boneless as she throbbed visibly with both lingering rapture and the sting of Kruin’s hand. Her skin was damp with the sweat of exertion, her chest heaving as she recovered from the invasion of sensations.

Preston watched her, his dark eyes narrowed into slits of cold glass as he struggled to rid himself of the evidence that Gabriel had been the first to enjoy her submission in the manner they had all been anticipating with great delectation.

A simmer of anger shuddered through him at the knowledge that he had been reduced to jerking his own flesh, while Gabriel had been granted the enviable occasion of spilling into Lydia’s hot mouth.

Preston shot to his feet, his face a mask of irritation as he reached down to grasp Lydia’s arm.

“Get up, you little slut,” he snarled. “Go clean yourself.”

Gabriel opened his mouth as if to protest the unnecessary roughness directed toward the woman who had just provided him with an exhilarating experience, but before he could say anything, Lydia scrambled to her feet.

A flush of anger and embarrassment crept over her cheeks, along with a look of relief at the opportunity to leave their company. She snatched up her discarded dress and hurried from the room without looking back.







Gabriel paused by Lydia’s bedroom. His green eyes seared through the twilight darkness of the room as he pushed the half-ajar door fully open. She was asleep on her stomach, her body covered only by a thin, cotton sheet in deference to the night-time heat, the rounded curves of her hips and waist delineated by the draping cloth.

A slight smile curved Gabriel’s mouth as he noticed the arch of her bare back, pleased that she had obeyed his instructions to wear nothing as she slept. He approached the bed, reaching out to grasp the sheet in his hand and pull it over her body. She shifted onto her side and murmured in her slumber, her brown hair spilling over the creamy pillows like strands of polished silk.

Gabriel caught the faint scent of peach-scented soap rising from Lydia’s skin as he removed the sheet, his gaze tracking hungrily over her breasts and soft peaks, the swell of her belly and the folds of her sex tucked so snugly between her thighs.

He placed his hand on her hip, applying enough pressure that she shifted again, exposing the fullness of her buttocks to his searching eyes. Even in the charcoal illumination, he could see that her bottom cheeks still burned from the blows Kruin had administered.

His penis stirred at the memory of Lydia lying helpless over Kruin’s muscular thighs, her entire body writhing and wriggling as she received his rhythmic slaps. Experimentally, Gabriel touched her buttocks with the tips of his fingers, feeling the heat that still clung to her tender flesh.

The touch of his hands on her painful skin woke Lydia with a start. She caught her breath on a gasp, her hand fumbling automatically for the sheet to cover herself. Her dark eyes clashed with his through the dusky light, flashing with irritation.

“What?” she snapped. “What do you want now?”

For some odd reason, her annoyance stung him, despite the fact that his authority had been well established. His mouth tightened as a responding rush of displeasure rose inside him.

“Whatever I want, Lydia,” he said coldly, “I will take. Have you not accepted that yet?”

Her response appeared in rebellious depths of her eyes. “Go on, then,” she flung back. “Get it over with.”

Gabriel was silent for a moment, his gaze raking over her with a mixture of disgust and disappointment. “You would act so unwilling, would you? After riding out your pleasure in front of us all?”

A burn of embarrassment appeared on Lydia’s cheeks, but she didn’t falter in her hostile stare. “You don’t think you did the same thing?”

Gabriel frowned. “You’re forgetting yourself, Lydia. I suggest you don’t let this happen very often.”

“You let them do that to me!” Lydia snapped. “You loved watching it, didn’t you?”

“Of course I did.”

The honesty of his response seemed to startle her. “But how could you let that happen?”

“You mean to tell me you didn’t enjoy it?”

“No! I mean, I…I didn’t want to be humiliated.”

“Hmm. You appeared to be enjoying it well enough from my perspective. As I did.” His eyes grew cold. “And remember, Lydia, you have a position in this household that you are not to countermand. A position to which you have willingly agreed.”

BOOK: The Erotic Dark
8.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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