The Forever Broken (Broken #3) (8 page)

BOOK: The Forever Broken (Broken #3)
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February 2016





A Dark Romance Novel


Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom




We came from nothing and were given a second chance at
life, and life was pretty good until it tipped on its axis and my world came
tumbling down around me.


My Baby Sister is missing…




I’ve never felt this helpless before now, the vacant hole
inside me expanding with each passing second of not knowing where she is.

What’s she going through?

Is she hurt?




The more I learn of her disappearance the more fear
implants itself inside my heart, hardening - darkening.

The world is a depraved place, full of evil lurking
behind normality.

Behind smiles.

Behind deception and facades.


She needs me and I will do whatever it takes to find her.








Summer has always been my favorite time of year, my
mother must have known when naming me that I would seek out the sun, I craved
the glow of its warm embrace on my face from as far back as I can remember.

I also worshiped the feel of sand between my toes, the
damp, soft touch as the weight of my body shifts the sand beneath them, the
tips of the crashing waves teasing me with the cold promise of what the water
holds. I even love the smell of the sun lotion soaking into my skin, but my
most favourite part of summer… was that we always spent it together as a family
and most of those days were spent at the beach. One of my favourite sounds in
the whole world is the laughter of my big sister as she gives chase to me,
scooping me up and spinning me around until we’re both dizzy, the breeze
sweeping our hair up and curling it weightless in the air like a floating leaf
in autumn. The world distorting with each rotation until it’s just us two in a
whirlwind of innocence… of joy.

Those are the memories I go to, I hold on to, with a grip
so fierce it numbs the reality of what my body is actually going through. 


I didn’t see my life ending up here…

All those dreams and possibilities, and now I would be
remembered as just another statistic.

All the warnings from education, from Mom and my big
sister Winter, and yet I still find myself here…stolen…lost.


Will they even look for me?


I look at the young girl battered and bruised in the
bathtub, slung in there like garbage, her body broken, used up and destroyed.
Matted hair that was once soft to touch, scabby lips that were once plump and
pink, bruised skin that was once flawless.

Violated in ways no girl of her age should ever have to

Eyes wide, glassed over …dead.


This was my fate.


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Men by Numbers series

A Ker Dukey Novel



Ten years old I
fell in love.

Ten years was the
price of that love.

Ten years later
our world’s re-collide.


My brother, Jonah, was possessive when it came to the
things he owned. This unfortunately included the people in his life. The
forbidden love between his best friend and me was just that… forbidden. Our
families were from different walks of life, and as a sheriff’s daughter, being
with a Moore’s kid would never be tolerated. To my parents, their son and
Dalton Moore were on different paths, and their friendship would end as soon as
college began, but it was my brother who had a craving for trouble. He was
always looking for danger, committing petty crimes and getting away with it
because Dalton would take the fall, blackening his already stained name. When
Jonah found out we broke the rules by loving each other, his actions impacted
us all causing immeasurable suffering. Betrayal comes with a debt, and it would
be paid by all of us. One with their heart, one with their mind, and one would
pay in blood.


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Night Fires

A Romance Novel


D H Sidebottom


I would watch him watch the ocean. He would build fires
and sit, all night waiting.

For her. For his dead wife.

She never came. I never expected her to. But he did. And
he never let go.

Even when I fell in love with him he never let go.

Until the night of the storm. The night my worst nightmares
came to life.

And I lost everything to her when she finally returned.

For us both.










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Men by Numbers series


A Ker Dukey Novel


I grew up in the foster system and
bounced around from place to place…

I know what you’re thinking. Bad things
happened to me and fucked me up? Don’t feel bad for me. I didn’t know a
privileged life; therefore, I didn’t miss one. I was what I was and I made it

I actually had a few good homes in my
lifetime, met some good people but that’s not what my stories about. It’s not a
Romeo and Juliet saga either, even if our stories do revolve around similar

I knew a real love, a rare love… a love
between two people that were never supposed to fall in love. Rival gang members
are never allowed to fall in love and it cost us everything.

The things I learned, growing up the way
I did, is this. Love is deadly and often not real. People come and go and only
the rare few stick around when shit gets tough. I learned the hard way what
lurks behind false smiles, and that deceitful truths get whispered in sexual
moans. I was taught that dark souls are not born but are created. You can avoid
them, hide from them or learn and become them.

Revenge sculpted and molded me into the
darkest of souls, and with my wrath comes agony and torment more severe than
hell itself.

I took out six of the men who hurt my
woman and I will be coming for the rest.

Get in my way and I’ll come for you too.



Thank you to all my Broken readers. The Broken was my
first published title and therefore holds sentimental feelings for me. I’m so
glad you enjoyed their journey and didn’t want the broken series to end.


Thank you to my StalKER’s who get the word out about my
titles and offer friendship, loyalty and support for not just my written work
but in my personal world also. I love you guys.


Kirsty, for sprinting with me :D


Dawn, my writing sister. Thank you for putting your
genius eye over this project <3




BOOK: The Forever Broken (Broken #3)
13.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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