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“I am a reporter who is becoming recognizable and the articles about my living as a sub will hit the stands in a few weeks. There could be people here who may put two and two together.”

James shrugged. “I'm not going to worry about ‘what if'. The restaurant is popular and speculation about its owner won't change that. As for my friends, everyone who is close to me knows what I am.”

“Okay.” Carl sounded unsure of that logic, but he let it go.

Dinner was relaxed and full of laughter as James critiqued Carl's game. He had so few moments like this and he cherished the chance to share a man's company without the demands of the restaurant or his lifestyle interfering. The more time he spent with the reporter, the more time he wanted. Six weekends were not going to be enough.

It was early evening by the time they returned to the house. James could feel the uncertainty of tonight's scene running through the younger man. Carl was smart enough to know the flogger was a great deal less painful than the whip they agreed to use this evening. It was a light whip, but the sting would still pack a wallop and James had no way of reassuring his sub without making matters worse, so he said nothing until they entered the house.

“Take your shower.”

“Yes sir.” Carl's calm response was at odds with the worried frown he wore.

James gave him a hug and kiss. “You will be fine. I know what I'm doing and you have your safeword.”

“I know. I just... I will see you in the playroom.”

James watched him head for the spare bathroom before he turned toward his own room.

James was in the playroom first and admired the man who walked through the door a moment later. The day of sun had given Carl a healthy glow to his face that was damned attractive. A few strands of the dark mop of hair reflected the sun's kiss as well as they gleamed in the room's lighting. The humor, the self-assurance and the sharp mind combined with classic European looks, made Carl irresistible to him. Today showed him just how much.

He put his feelings aside as Carl stripped off the cotton pants covered in golf balls. He had to focus on the task at hand to make sure Carl was both prepared and safe during the scene.

“Come here, please, Carl.” He stood next to the St. Andrew's cross.

Carl sighed into the kiss they shared, releasing some of his tension as James began their scene with the show of affection.

Next was the important ritual to remind Carl that the choice was always his. “What is your safeword?”

“Red, sir.”

“Good.” His sub was quiet as he strapped him to the cross so his back and buttocks faced the room. His arms and legs formed an ‘X’ along the wooden surface.

“I chose the lightweight signal whip for today. Its short length makes it less dangerous and easier to control.”

“I remember, sir. It's your favorite.” Carl's voice was even as was his breathing. There were no tremors or nervous quips to show distress. He seemed confident he could handle the pain and James hoped he understood that using the safeword was not a sign of weakness.

The first hit was to Carl's back, just under his left shoulder blade.

The boy flinched violently and his calm demeanor fled. The metal links holding cuffs to cross rattled at the sound of the whip going up over James’ head to come down for the second strike, the third and the fourth. The fifth broke Carl's silence.

“Oh, shit!”

Five wine-colored lines graced both sides of Carl's upper back. He was pulling on the restraints in earnest in a moment of fear, but did not use his safeword. James waited until the bound man stilled, expecting to hear the word on the next lash.

It fell just below the first line.

“Red! Oh god, red, sir!”

The whip dropped and James grabbed a cool, damp cloth to place on the shallow welts before he wrapped himself around Carl's torso to keep him from harm as he thrashed against the wood. “I stopped. We're done, boy. You're safe.”

“I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir.” Now that it was over, his panic subsided and he regretted the outburst, James knew.

“You did the right thing, boy. Fear is not something to ignore. Let me get you down and we'll talk.”

He had Carl off the cross in record time and simply picked him up to carry him to his bedroom. Once he had him settled on the bed, James took the cloth to the bathroom to refresh it.

“Thanks. That feels good.” The pillow under Carl's face muffled the words. “I didn't mean to let you down, sir.”

“Nonsense. The experience is meant to be pleasurable for both of us. I find no satisfaction in mere brutality.”

The laughter started as a low rumble in the pillow. Carl shifted to look at him and laughed harder, leaving James to wonder if his lover had come unhinged.

“Perhaps you could share?”

“I think I get it now, causing pain and humiliation is okay as long as I come.”

“Well, if you're going to put it that way... ”

Carl burst out laughing again and James could not help but laugh with him. Yes, completely irresistible.

* * * *

He was such a pansy. Six little bee stings of the whip and he cried ‘Uncle'. It's just that he had not expected it to be so much more painful than the flogger. James told him it would be, but he honestly thought that a whip was a whip and James exaggerated the differences.

His problem, his panic attack, stemmed from the lack of preparation on his part. He would not doubt James’ word again and he was not done with that whip either.

He lifted his face from the pillow. “I want to try again.”

“If you want to, we will, but we'll have to go about it differently.”

Carl rolled onto his back when James took the cloth away. It was not too bad now. “Differently, how?”

“Possibly a warm up with the flogger first, then a lighter touch with the whip might help.”

“Tonight?” He wanted to redeem himself.

“No. Not even this weekend. Perhaps in a couple of weeks after you've had a few more scenes with the flogger.”

“We don't have a lot of time to build up slowly, James. I want to try next week.” He knew he could do it. There would not be another cop out.

“We will talk about it next week.”

“Fine.” It wasn't fine, but James was not going to be moved on it tonight. He realized that his bottom lip was sticking out when James bit it. That quickly, his pout became arousal and he tugged a little to increase the sting.

“On your knees, Carl.”

He loved the sexy timbre of that command and he rose up to present his ass to his Dom. Knees moved his legs apart and a rough hand pushed his head down to the pillow leaving his ass up and his package on display. Groaning, he tried to arch into the fingers pressing on the welts, but the hand on his neck kept him still.

“Stay just like this.” The hand left his neck and a moment later dry a finger invaded his passage. “Hold yourself open.”

Resting his forehead on the bed, he reached back to grab his butt cheeks. The position was humbling in the extreme and his excitement was absolute. The thought that James could see everything, his finger moving in and out of Carl's hole, that hole clenching in protest, added to the shame and the craving. His balls pulled up and his cock dripped on the sheets.

“Can you come like this Carl?” The softness of the question told him James was also feeling the hunger that clawed at Carl's insides. “Can you come without any stimulation to your cock?”

He whimpered. The need to shoot was a living thing and James was going to make him work for it. Damn!

The two sets of fingers made a game of ping-pong— rubbing the whip marks and fucking his ass. Pain and pleasure blurred until he was nothing but a creature of lust.

“You are so sexy like this. Your need is so plain to see. Are you close? I think you are. I can smell the discharge of your sex.” The soft seduction continued.

Carl bent his neck to look down and see his dick sway between his legs. Pre-cum formed a tiny stream to the bed underneath him. The finger left his ass and he watched James’ hand intercept the flow. A moment later, three wet digits returned to sink inside him. James was using his own juices for lube!

“Come, Carl. Come because I ask.”

Oh god! He wanted to. He wanted to let go so badly his balls ached, but he couldn't. He couldn't...

All at once, it was upon him as his body obeyed the command. White spunk flowed onto the sheets while his sphincter tried to crush James’ fingers. Carl bit the pillow to stifle his scream— the orgasm was so strong. He barely felt the absence of the fingers before his Dom's cock plunged deep into his ass and flooded him with hot juices.

The sounds of two men panting filled the bedroom. Carl liked this moment of transition from climax to afterglow more each time they had sex. Their heartbeats slowed, their breathing evened out and their dicks softened as they enjoyed the quiet peace of sexual satisfaction.

James withdrew and feeling a trickle, Carl looked under his belly again in time to see his cock still twitching and his lover's semen drip off his sac.

People began to arrive at noon on Sunday. James spent the morning fixing finger foods and adding ‘a little something’ to the burgers while Carl went for a run around the pond. Neither one brought up the disagreement about the whip. Carl wanted to enjoy the day and James probably thought the discussion was over because he said so.

Of course, well before the guests showed up, James wanted to have a bit of fun so when Carl finished his shower, there were SpongeBob swim trunks and a bright yellow butt plug to match waiting for him.

Walking normally took some practice and he had no idea how he was going to be able to sit without wincing. “You are an evil man.”

James grinned as Carl sashayed into the kitchen. “I wanted to keep you on your toes.”

“You succeeded admirably. I'm never going to be able to keep your friends from knowing I have a baseball bat up my ass.” He was so disgusted he missed the sly look on James’ face.

“I can give you something to help, if you want. It will take your mind off your ass”


James pulled out a chair. “Step up and sit on the table.”

Hoping he was going to get a blowjob, Carl started to hop up on the table, but decided at the last minute to use the chair and sit carefully on the tabletop. He gasped as the plug nudged his prostate.

The older man wasted no time and yanked the waistband of the trunks under Carl's balls, making his growing erection jut up in a lewd fashion.

Yes! James was going to do it! He let his head fall back as James swallowed him down to the root. Man! That felt good. He sat immobile while an expert lovingly lapped and sucked his cock.

He was still hard as a rock when James stopped.

“Sir?” Too late, he remembered that they were Dom/sub for the entire day and he was afraid his discontent over the plug was about to get him punished.

Disbelief followed disappointment as his Dom positioned a leather strap around the base of his cock and ballsac, binding them together with a snap. The fit was not snug, more of a reminder than a restriction, which was a good thing because he suspected he would be wearing it all day.

“I think now you will not even notice the butt plug, hmm Carl?” James replaced the band of the trunks and patted the tent they became.

It was on the tip of his tongue to repeat the ‘evil’ remark. He didn't. “Thank you, sir.”

James rewarded him with a lingering kiss. “Good boy.”

Now, an hour later, he escorted the last two guests to the outdoor pool area. The whole setup was sweet— pool, barbeque pit and bar all in one spot along with rattan chairs and tables under a canopy. The relaxed atmosphere and idyllic scenery was perfect for an informal gathering.

Informal. There was an understatement. Carl looked around as he made drinks for the new arrivals, Mike and Seve. At least they had clothes on. The Domme, Karen, was butt naked and sunning herself. Her ‘boy toy’ for the day, Gary, also naked, sat next to her chaise while she worked on her tan.

A huge man called Andy, or Andrew if you listened to James, wore trunks similar to Carl's without the cartoon. His companion, Billy, had Speedos on and you could just see the outline of the cockring he wore. His erection threatened to peek out of the top. Carl could sympathize.

James came out with the food. “I think we are it today. Everyone else has other plans. I trust you all met Carl?”

Karen rose and the young stud helped her tie her bikini on. “He's lovely. May we see him naked?”

Carl almost spilled Seve's drink on him “Sorry.” He whispered.

No es nada
.” Seve whispered back. “She makes me nervous too.”

“Behave Karen. He is already close to bolting and your sense of humor may be the deciding factor.” James winked at Carl.

Thank god for James! Carl made a mental note to tell him that later. In the mean time, he flipped burgers while James made the salads individually and Billy quietly set the table. Karen's friend, Gary, found his shorts.

Food and conversation passed around the table easily before they got to Carl's reason for being there.

Andy was the first to voice the concern they all shared. “James assured us that you would keep names out of your articles.”

“That's right. I'm doing a story on the lifestyle, not the people.” James fondled the cockring under the table to stir his flagging erection. “Sir.”

“So you won't mention us at all?” Karen sounded disappointed.

“Only in the most general terms if I need to illustrate a point, Ma'am.”

James pushed his plate away and motioned to Carl. “Why don't you and the other boys take everything into the kitchen where you can pick their brains in relative peace?”

“Yes sir.” Carl stood slowly. His dick was at full mast again and had begun to throb. How long, he wondered, before it wilted or fell off? The ring did not really keep him hard continuously, it was not that tight, but every time James stroked him to fullness, he remained that way for a while. At least he was not alone in his misery. Billy also sported a large lump in his Speedos and Seve now had an erection as well.

BOOK: New Leather
11.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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