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The Complete Contract Series

BOOK: The Complete Contract Series
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To the Reader

The men I write about are Alpha males in every sense of the word.

They are the men society warns us about. They are dominant males with controlling tendencies. They are the men that you know you should stay away from but yet you are drawn like a moth to a flame. If you are looking for a sweet romance, you won’t find that here. What you will find is dark passion. Many times my heroes carry what would be considered an obsession for the woman they love.

Welcome to my world. Each and every character that I write about has demanded that their voice be heard. I have been true to that calling and I have stayed true to their personalities, which at times the reader may not always agree with. They are dark, they are gritty, and many times their love is dysfunctional, but nonetheless it is real.



I sat at my computer doing what I do best—tapping away at the keys to not only pay the bills—but to fill the void in my life that nothing but words can satisfy.

I am what the professionals term as agoraphobic. Really, to be honest with you it seems to bother everyone else much more than it does me. I have found that living online is not that big of a deal. I am able to do everything from behind my computer screen in complete anonymity and I love it

Although I’m able to do anything that needs to be done from the keyboard of a computer, I never anticipated meeting a man from here. I’m not quite sure how it happened—he just kind of appeared one day. I write a blog on my condition as a way to support others and I can only assume he ran across it and was intrigued.

I have never seen him and I only know him as Miller.




I sat in my car eyeing the woman who had a hold on me, and she wasn’t even aware of it—or maybe she was.

She flowed through the apartment in a sheer long sleeve white shirt with dainty pink panties beneath it.

She crossed her legs and seated herself in the chair that gave her an ample view of the high-rise apartments across the way. Binoculars were in her hand as she began to scout out the unaware residents.

I grabbed my laptop that was seated in the passenger seat already booted up.

“You’re such a little voyeur.”

I waited a moment watching as she grabbed her phone.

“Me? I would say that is a little like the pot calling the kettle black. I would have thought you’d be busy with one of your many women.”

“I would have thought that you’d be ready to get busy with me. Touch yourself for me baby girl, I don’t want another woman—I want you. Now be a good girl and tell me when are you going to let me come up there and see you?”

“You first.”

I pulled my cock from my jeans and began to stroke it as I listened to her voice.

“Are you stroking your cock while you daydream about fucking me, Miller?”

“Oh girl, you know that I am.”

Laura’s fingers made their way between her legs and moved her panties over.

“Don’t make me come up there, that’s no fair, let me see.”

She slid her panties off and spread her legs in front of the window as she eyed the black SUV with tinted windows parked on the street below. I knew she could hear my breathing when she spoke again.

“Oh, you are a dirty boy,” she taunted me, pushing her finger into her soaked opening.

“And you are a voyeur, but you can’t see me because I’m a ghost. Now put your finger in your mouth and tell me what you taste like, you little tease.”

“I taste like your big thick cock doused in honey. Now stroke it or I’m stopping, and roll down your tinted window.”

“No, can do. The day that you agree to me coming up there is the day that you get to see this handsome mug. Oh, girl you’d feel good. Knowing you’re up there touching yourself while I watch, is much better than any other woman could ever be. You’re going to make me come baby girl.”

Laura’s moans were music to my ears as she came while I watched her on camera. She had no idea I was a hit man and that I had bugged her apartment months ago…


BOOK: The Complete Contract Series
9.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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